Check Out Spider-Woman’s Ass on Her New Cover

Remember that high you felt when Marvel Comics announced a new Goddess of Thunder? The artwork they debuted was all super badass and semi-practical (boob armor is still not really a thing in reality). We thought, “Yeah! This’ll really start turning things around. People are aware of the blatant and unforgiving sexism in comics, they want to draw in more female readers, this is a good thing!” And then… And then we get to Spider-Woman’s first issue, which comes out in November.

Spider-Woman 1

Pardon our French, but what the ever-living f**k?! Really? REALLY?! C’mon. Whoever approved this cover, you should know better. The artist is Milo Manara, Italian comic artist known for his blatant erotic approach when it comes to female characters. We don’t recommend image searching his name either. He’s like your go-to guy for classy Tijuana bibles. Actually, this looks like the result of one of those drawing exercises that gives you a shape or three lines and you use your imagination to finish the piece. Manara got the one with the heart.

Rob Bricken from io9 has the best answer to the question of why the hell Jessica Drew, aka Spider-Woman, is posed like that: “I believe it’s what’s known in the animal kingdom as ‘presenting.'”

And then there’s the whole costume thing. This can’t be spandex. I’m pretty sure this is just body paint. We know you guys aren’t quite as adept to wearing spandex as most ladies are, so take it from me,  no stretchy fabric on this planet has the ability to hug ever nook at cranny like whatever’s going on here. Wedgies don’t even look like that. Yup, the only explanation is body paint with glued wings. At least we know Jessica has attention for detail…

Hey, Marvel. I love that you’re giving Spider-Woman her own on-going series, but please, please please! Let’s not hire an erotic artist to portray our female heroes. We, especially female readers, like to not feeling dirty buying your comics with a woman on the cover. We also like it when female representation doesn’t take a huge Spidey swing backwards after announcing a super cool, awesome female Thor.

The bright side to this whole thing is that the Manara cover is only a variant, meaning this is not the only cover you’ll find for Spider-Woman #1. Other artists include Greg Land (the main artist for the series), Scottie Young, and Siya Oyum.

[via CBR]

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