LET’S BE COPS is Mildly Funny, Forgettable and Messy – Movie Review

Let’s Be Cops, this sounds like an absolutely ridiculous premise doesn’t it? Two guys, Ryan and Justin played by Jake Johnson and Damon Wayans Jr respectively have come hit their thirties and they have both realised that they are kind of failures. Justin is going nowhere in his career, stuck as an assistant video game designer and Ryan is just an all round failure in life. Neither guy is lucky in love and neither is going anywhere in their lives. They head to a reunion which has a costume theme so they decide,”Let’s be cops” and the anarchy goes from there.

Let’s Be Cops has all the clichéd plot points of a a modern comedy, it hits every point along its weird journey that takes Ryan and Justin from aimless failures to failures with an aim, I guess. There are some fun moments dotted through and genuine giggles but that is it. Our two lead are fun, interesting and engaging but they’re not given nearly enough material to work with. We have a pretty charming love interest, Josie, for Justin in the guise of Vampire Diaries alum Nina Dobrev. Let’s Be Cops could have been really been great but there are so many elements holding it back. One of the main problems is that it doesn’t know what movie it is trying to be.


One of the weirder and weaker elements of Let’s Be Cops is the main story line, which has one of the weirdest villains I have ever seen in a movie. It’s like the movie is trying to compensate for the lack of story it really needs with this villain because he is so over the top it just gets hilarious, but not in the good way.

It feels like two movies are trying to vie for the audiences attention, one movie is about two guys trying to figure out their lives which would be decent. Then there is the movie about two dumb ass cops who learn to be competent, which would also be decent. Instead we have Let’s Be Cops which is got an okay story, okay characters and a bloated story line. In the end Let’s Be Cops is basically an episode of New Girl where Nick and Coach go on an incredibly drunken night out without the rest of the fun loving gang. It’s okay, not great, pretty forgettable but okay. Go in, turn your brain off and just let those guys be cops.

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