Remembering Robin Williams: ALADDIN

On August 11th the world lost Robin Williams. His career has touched the lives of countless people and I count myself lucky enough to be one of them. Here at Agents Of Geek we felt that we should let you our fans know what made Robin Williams special to each of us. What roles hit us the hardest, how those roles impacted our lives and how much we’ll miss Robin Williams and his infectious laugh. My tribute to Robin Williams covers Aladdin, one of my favourite movies of all time.


Aladdin was made in 1992 and though I didn’t see it in the cinema (I was four), I remember fondly sitting down and watching the VHS over and over again after school. Easily the most memorable part of Aladdin was Williams’ Genie. As a child I got none of the references he spewed out, but what I got was an unforgettably funny performance. Robin Williams created a character that has become timeless. Thanks to Williams’ stunning and memorable performance, Genie transcended the success of the Aladdin movies and has become a pop culture icon. I personally think Genie is the most memorable Disney character of all time. That does not include Mickey, obviously. Of all of the Disney characters, Genie was given a three dimensional personality thanks in no small part to Williams, who improvised many of his lines. If I am completely honest, I like Aladdin, it’s a good  movie. But what really pushes Aladdin over the top is Williams’ performance. I remember that every time Genie showed  up on-screen I was excited, especially when he had a musical number.

My favourite part of Aladdin has to be our introduction to the character himself. Check it out below, I know I’ll be watching it a couple of times.

I suppose the main thing that really got me about Genie was that he was a true friend, even though he was made to be a servant. He put real effort and thought into helping his friends. As the movie progressed, you could see that he really wanted to protect Aladdin. Even when he was made to turn on Aladdin and the rest of the gang by Jafar, you could see that he was wrestling or trying to get around his orders. When the climax of Aladdin came, and we had that one final wish, what really hit me was Genie’s reaction to being freed. He didn’t expect it, he honestly believed that he’d stay a servant forever. It was so wonderfully intimate and emotional. That’s what Robin Williams brings to a role, something kind of remarkable.

You can say he’s just a funny man but it’s not just that. In every role, not just Aladdin, he gives himself to the audience to help them fully engage in the movie he’s in. Genie was my first Disney hero and I will always remember him, just like I will always remember Robin Williams. The man who did not just give him a voice but gave him life.

Let us know here at Agents Of Geek, what is your favourite role of Robin Williams? Mine will always be Genie, because he taught me about magic and I owe him so much for that.

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