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Victory Fanfare: The Good, Bad, and Ugly of NO MORE HEROES

Ah, the Wii. You were around for a while but didn’t live up to what I’d hoped for. Maybe my hopes were a bit too high, but could you blame me? When the announcement for the Wii came around, they brought up so many interesting things. The idea that I could own every NES, SNES, and Genesis game was my biggest reason for getting a Wii–sadly they let me down on that one.

There were a few gems for the Wii though, and one of those gems I always hear Xbox fanboys wished was on 360 is No More Heroes. Directed by Suda51, No More Heroes is a phenomenal action game in a beat-’em-up costume. The voice acting is great, and the characters are all entertaining.

The Good:
No More Heroes has an amazing feel. You play as Travis Touchdown, a man with a big love for a few things: anime, women, wrestling, and his cat. Down on his luck, he meets Sylvia–a woman who convinces Travis to go after an assassin named Helter Skelter and to climb the ranks of the UAA. These UAA fights are all different in their own way, and the way Travis is handled on the Wiimote and Nunchuck is almost perfect–kind of the way you might think it would feel to be wielding a beam katana. Honestly though, sometimes you really feel the power of the beam katana in your hands, and it’s just so much fun. Travis is an amazing character and has definitely become one of my favorites in the last ten years. He’s an otaku and basically only referred to as otaku by one of the many women you consult with. Add in the fact that the game has a pretty sweet soundtrack, great voice work, mini games that are so fun you’ll play them all the time (because sometimes you have to), a very interesting story, and some great corny moments. Oh, but don’t get me wrong, there’s a lot of bad I need to go over for this game as well.

no more heroes 1

The Bad:
The motorcycle scenes are HORRIBLE! I find no redeeming quality in those moments it controls horribly and not fun, at all. Luckily, No More Heroes 2 corrected this, but still, it was bad. So, remember what I said up there about the great corny lines? Yeah, there’s also horrible corny lines and a whole lotta fan service. I can get past it though, because the way the game presents itself. It’s wacky and sort of like an anime, so whatever. Some of the mini games are a bit annoying. You’ve gotta do them because you need those awesome new swords. Oh, you better not forget about getting awesome clothing too. You gotta make money to make Travis look cooler.

The Horrible, aka The Ugly:
It’s that damn motorcycle! That damn motorcycle is ‘the Bad’ and ‘the Horrible’. I mean, I said it right when I began ‘the Bad’. Also, if you want to be picky, it is very repetitive. I mean you only have one mission: KILL DOODS FOR THIS LADY BECAUSE SHE’S HOT AND TOLD YOU TO KILL.

I do say though, No More Heroes is a pretty fun game you could blow through rather quickly. It’s got a lot of redeeming qualities, and faults, but I still had more fun with this game than most games I own on the Wii. And the sequel is even better. It’s pretty cheap as well–last I saw, it was ten bucks and definitely worth it–you could probably get both for 20-25 dollars. That’s how I got my copies.

Victory Fanfare” is a monthly game review effort to go through Johnny Ketchum’s game collection and play them all. Once the game is complete Johnny takes all of his random thoughts and breaks it down to the good, bad, and ugly.

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