Black Widow Cosplay by Alexia Jean Grey

Black Widow is bad-ass, and so is this cosplay by Alexia Jean Grey. Scarlett Johansson is perfectly cast, but I think that Alexia nails the character with her rendition of the character. Keep reading to check out the photos.

Here is what Alexia had to say about her Black Widow cosplay:

Black Widow is one of my all time favorite characters. Not only for her beauty and intelligence, but her courage. She has no superpowers but will stand her ground and is a fearless fighter. I put my heart and soul into her whether modeling her or the costume itself. I wanted to keep the classic Widow look but add more of a realistic edge to make it my own.

Be sure to check out Alexia on her official website, Facebook and Twitter.





Which of the above Black Widow photos is your favorite?

Photography By Rodney Brown, Superhero Photography, Bryan Humphrey, Jayce Williams, Elysiam Entertainment, SGH Photoart, Psylocke Yaya Han

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