Dragon Con Diaries, “Letters from the War Front” – Day 1

Sorry, I completely forgot I had another day of these videos to show you guys. Friday at Dragon Con was par for the course if you’ve ever been before. The biggest panel was, of course, Patrick Stewart’s. I’m sure that you’ve all see the precious picture of him hugging a little girl dressed as a teeny Vulcan. I didn’t go; I missed it. Unless you have super special permission, regular press can’t attend full rooms — this line lasted for days, and there was already a cut off before people were even let in.

The one panel I did attend was the one featuring Cary Elwes and C. Thomas Howell. You know — The Dreaded Pirate Roberts, the only Robin Hood (at the time) with an English accent, Lt. Kent Gregory (Hot Shots). He’s just as hilarious in person as he can be on screen. There are was point in the panel where the audience microphones weren’t working. So instead of having the questioners yell, Elwes invited them up on stage. This, of course, happened just after Dragon Con TV went over the rules for guest panels — one of the recommendations was not to ask for hugs. Pish posh! Cary Elwes does what Cary Elwes wants! Have we already showed you the part where Cary tried to sing “Men in Tights”? He gave it his best shot.

Cary Elwes singing “Men in Tights”

Afterward, I wandered the crowded halls of the Marriott and marveled at all of the wonderful costumes. Every now and then, I remembered to take pictures.

Dragon Con Star Wars Panel

Later that evening, I joined the lucky few in watching a super edited version of all three Star Wars prequels. Shaun Rosado, a regular on the Star Wars and American Sci-fi Classics tracks, released his own fan edit of the prequel movies, condensing Anakin Skywalker’s story to just under two hours. Look for the review later this week.

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