HELLAWARE Movie Review

Hellaware is a new comedy from Factory 25. Set in New York the story begins as a lackluster photographer trying to make it into the art world while competing in the same arena as a insane pig tailed guy sold an art piece for quite a sum while in reality it actually turned out to be a sequin covered penis in a jar.

MV5BMTcxMjM3MTIxNF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwNzI3MzY1MjE@._V1_SX214_AL_Nate (played by a fun actor by the name of  Keith Poulson) is compelled to search for a unique subject matter to photograph. An evening of weed and coke turns to the discovery of a Youtube video by some up-and-comer musicians heralding from Delaware with a funky tune by the name of “I’ll cut your dick off.”  Intrigued Nate arranges a meeting with the Jugalo kids and finds them to be much like he expects – tenacious appetites for narcotics, in addition to a love with the ‘Insane Clown Posse’ branded lifestyle.

Slowly evolving the story turns from meeting the kids behind the music to getting a bit of realism by being a small part of the their world, all the while snaps pictures, after a few promises of turning the photo’s into some art work for album covers and a ‘hook-up’ with a media publisher he is engaged by a local art mogul after viewing some of his photos. Then it really gets interesting!

I enjoyed the feel of the film, the actors were for the most part engaging while still being realistic (in the sense that they could actually be the real personalities of the actors portraying them).  The overall story is actually interesting and a deviation from whats actually being jammed into the theaters at the moment.  Michael M. Bilandic (writer / producer) provided a fun romp through a NYC kids hellbent drive to be famous. I look forward to seeing what else he pumps out in the future as a independent producer he has impressed this seasoned movie-goer.  It also stands to mention, the star Keith Poulson was a delight to watch, he too added MUCH to the film.

Hellaware arrives in theaters/VOD on September 26,2014.

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Rob Fowler

Rob Fowler

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