SAILOR MOON CRYSTAL Act 4: Masquerade Episode Recap

I know I’m a little late because this aired August 16th, but with an episode every two weeks it’s easy to lose track of when new ones are released. Booooooooo. I sort of knew what to expect from this episode because I loved this one in the older anime. Why? PRETTY DRESSES. Anyway, let’s get to it.


The cool thing about this episode is that it’s more of a story episode than an introduction. There’s a quick recap describing each character when you first see them, but no new Sailor Scouts are introduced in this episode. It’s nice to get to know the ones that are here before moving on to the next.
Luna seems a bit more serious and lectures the girls about how they need to keep their head in the game. Naturally, Usagi ignores this and continues to play videogames. I love her.

Usagi mentions all the police around town – and it’s because of a visiting princess. Princess D has come to her town to reveal a secret treasure? Could this be the Princess they’ve been searching for and the Silver Imperial Crystal? A dinner party is being held by Princess D to reveal the secret item. Usagi, fantasizing about dancing and pretty dresses (like I would be) super wants to attend this dinner party. I have a feeling she’ll figure out a way.


Usagi arrives at her house and her dad is all dressed up. He tells Usagi that he is attending the dinner party for his magazine. Usagi tells him it’s not fair and she wants to go. Her dad seems like kind of a jerk here! He tells her she’ll see it on the news and leaves. Well, Usagi’s not having that. She uses the Luna Pen (much to Luna’s surprise) to transform into a princess so that she can sneak into the party. I thought it would be funny here if the Luna Pen didn’t change her at all, since she is the princess. (We all know it.) Rei and Ami show up at the party all dressed up as well, though it didn’t show them changing into their fancy attire. I wonder if they can use the Luna Pen too, or if they just owned fancy clothes. Hmm. They manage to sneak in despite the high security at this event, but not Luna. Pets aren’t allowed.

Usagi is instantly distracted and takes off to see what the party is all about, Rei and Ami decide it’s best to just let her go for now. They go and search for the princess while Usagi enjoys the night. They see the princess entering a room with an assistant – Rei has a bad feeling about this assistant. Usagi passes her dad and he notices her, but just assumes it’s a girl that looks like her. Wow. Being that this secret treasure could potentially be the Silver Crystal, this dinner party has attracted enemies and Tuxedo Kamen as well. So much for high security. Usagi bumps into a girl and a drink spills all over her pretty dress so she goes to sit outside. Tuxedo Kamen finds her handkerchief with her name on it, and follows her outside. He calls her beautiful, and asks her for a dance. Aww. Their dance is the cutest thing in the world. She starts to talk to him, but he tells her to keep quiet. Usagi thinks about how warm his hands are. Just when it’s getting real cute, Luna peaked around the corner and saw them. Luna is very cautious of Tuxedo Kamen, because they really don’t know who this guy is. Tuxedo Kamen inexplicably takes off when Luna appears, leaving Usagi standing there blushing. Luna mentions it, and Usagi changes the subject and asks how she got in here. Luna snuck in through the balcony. SO MUCH FOR HIGH SECURITY.


Rei and Ami find the princess, and the girl that Rei had a bad feeling about when they first entered is there with her. Huge surprise- Rei’s intuition is right. This girl is a Youma enemy. Princess D worried that no one cared about her – only about the treasure. The Youma monster tells her that what she thinks is true, that she doesn’t care about her, only about the secret inside the box. The Youma monster then transforms into Nephrite and spreads his evil into the princess who then goes on a rampage. Security tells her to get a hold of herself, and evil Princess D says anyone who gets in her way will be sacrificed to our great ruler. She turns the whole room into a dark, evil abyss and runs outside. Usagi tells her to get a hold of herself, and Princess D pushes her off the balcony. Tuxedo Kamen grabs her, but he can’t support them both and he slips off also. Luna yells to Usagi to use the pen, and Usagi’s Luna pen turns into an umbrella that slows their fall. This was very cute, almost Princess Peach-like and I love it. I love that the Luna pen actually has practical uses in Sailor Moon Crystal. Tuxedo mask thanks her for saving him, and runs off. Cool.

Usagi transforms into Sailor Moon but she has no tiara because it was destroyed in the battle with Jadeite. She thinks about Tuxedo Kamen’s warmth and a new heart shaped tiara appears on her head. Take note of this change, cosplayers. 😉

Sailor Moon’s new tiara has a serious new attack. Although the name of it isn’t mentioned in the episode, it’s called Moon Twilight Attack. She reflected the moonlight off of it at Nephrite. Overwhelmed by it’s power, Nephrite gives up and takes off rather easily. Nephrite, Jadeite, Zoisite and Kunzite are seen on a nearby roof. This episode is the first one Kunzite appears in. Cool. They threaten the Sailor Soldiers and disappear. Weak.

Princess D awakens from her trance and searches for her dropped glasses. She’s surprisingly pretty without them, and Rei and Ami have a giggle and wonder if Gurio Umino would be attractive without his. Probably not. Usagi is exhausted from this battle. Rei and Ami go back inside to see Princess D reveal the treasure, but Usagi does not. The treasure is revealed – it’s a little statue of Princess D. Cute, but not the Silver Imperial Crystal. Dang. Usagi is napping on the balcony, still in her Sailor Scout uniform. Tuxedo Kamen finds her and bends over to kiss her (moving fast, damn. this is episode four, slow down, dude.). In her sleep Usagi thinks about how familiar this feels. Hmmmmm, mysterious. Luna catches him in the act and tells him to back off. She questions if he is an ally. Tuxedo Kamen reveals that he is also looking for the Silver Imperial Crystal and that makes him an enemy. He jumps off the balcony and disappears. Bye.

The episode ends with a storm beginning and a mysterious brown haired girl…

This episode was great. It was an episode that mattered to the plot instead of just introducing characters. It had a lot of animation errors like the past episode, but I’ve heard rumors of that being fixed when the Blu Ray is released? More information on that as it’s revealed. I think the most important thing about this episode is the romance with Tuxedo Kamen getting more intense… I wonder where that will go. 😉 ‘Till next time, moonies.

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