TAMAGOTCHI FRIENDS – A Review of Your New Best Friend

For the past two weeks I’ve been taking care of one of the new Tamagotchis that will be in stores this fall. I’ve taken care of many Tamagotchis in my life, ever since around 1998. I’ve probably had more Tamagotchis than real pets. I was totally overjoyed when I heard they would be returning to stores just in time for Holiday 2014.

The first extremely noticeable difference from a 90’s Tamagotchi is that it’s a lot larger. Not the screen. But the width of the Tamagotchi. It’s not even really pocket sized anymore, and this is the first model that didn’t come with a keychain on it. There’s a little cell-phone charm sized hole on the back, but you can’t really clip a lanyard or anything in it because it’s really small. So I carry my Tamagotchi around in my purse. The reason it’s bigger is so that it can fit AAA batteries. My past Tamagotchis always took small watch sized batteries, which were always a bit hard to find. AAA batteries are more convenient, but it made the Tamagotchi really large and probably harder to hide in class. Fifth-grader me would have been sad about this.

At first it was kind of hard to tell what was happening on the little tiny screen, but after adjusting the contrast it looked a little better. I wish they added a backlight. The new designs are really cute, and I am not suprised that they made it bigger because I feel like they’ve been getting progressively bigger with each reincarnation since the 1990’s.

Tamagotchis through the ages
Tamagotchis through the ages

Let’s start at the beginning. I put the batteries in and waited for my little Tamagotchi egg to hatch. You name your little Tama before it actually hatches, and I named mine Peach. Luckily, it turned out to be a little girl. I didn’t even have to read the instructions – all the controls are the same as the last Tamagotchi. Simple, but really cute. Little Tama Peach wasn’t too demanding in the beginning, she barely ate or pooped, but after I had her for a few days she got a bit needier. I am wondering if Tamagotchis in the 1990’s were just really needy or if they had a shorter life span, because in 1999 I NEVER would have imagined keeping a Tamagotchi alive for more than a week. This one is still going strong after two weeks, and it rarely needs attention. It stays full for quite a while, poops maybe once a day, and every couple hours it will beep for attention. You just have to hit the “A” button and your Tamagotchi is satisfied. I’ve even forgotten about it for three hours before (oops) and it just pooped twice and was sad. It was an easy fix, gave it some snacks and cleaned up and it was pleased again.

The minigames are short and cute, and a little bit different than the last Tamagotchi. Not too different, because it’s still pushing the same three buttons over and over again but they named them something tamagotchi_3different and that’s cool. Also something you can do with friends is tap your Tamagotchis together. There’s a BFF chart that shows you how friendly your Tamagotchi is. I’ve tapped mine with another Tamagotchi atleast ten times and mine still isn’t very friendly. I guess they take a while to trust.

When you tap Tamagotchis together, you can choose to host or send yours on a visit. When you host, the other Tama comes to your screen and when you visit, your Tama leaves and it says “AWAY” on the screen. They usually do cute little things like visit a park together. You can also send eachother messages on your Tamagotchis, which I guess is a step above passing notes in class.

I’d say that I love this new Tamagotchi. I was very excited about it and I’ve grown really attached to it. It’s great for people who want to relive the 1990’s because the Tamagotchi is one thing that honestly hasn’t changed much, except for getting bigger. The Tamagotchi Connection size was much more convenient. The only other thing it really needs is a backlight, but maybe next time. 😉

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