The Rock (Finally!) Announces Black Adam Casting

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson took to Twitter earlier this week and ended months of speculation by officially announcing that he will play the DC Comics antihero Black Adam in an upcoming feature film based on Shazam, the Justice League member with god-like abilities. For months The Rock has teased fans that he was in on-going negotiations with DC Comics to bring to life one of their legendary characters for the big screen, and this week we learned that he will play a villain in his first comic book film role.

the-rock-black-adamThis is a risky choice for Johnson. While his box office draw value is debatable, he simply hasn’t had a bonafide hit film since Fast 6, which was back in 2013. And while 2013 was, in fact, a hugely successful year for The Rock at the box office, his latest film, Hercules, has failed to catch on domestically in 2014. Hercules was supposed to be Rock’s breakout solo performance, but fans here at home just aren’t feeling it. The film itself has made nearly $75 million here in the US, short of its $100 million dollar production budget; it has, however, nearly grossed $200 million worldwide.

The Rock has certainly not taken a safe bet for his first big-time comic book role, and he should be commended for that. While speculation was that he was set to play Lobo sometime last year not coming to pass, fans believed he would take on the role of John Stewart’s Green Lantern character in the upcoming Justice League film that is set for 2018. However, Johnson is stepping outside the box, when he could have easily gone with the financial juggernaut that is Marvel Comics films, and we shall see if this risk pays off.

Fans, what do you think of The Rock bringing Black Adam to life on the silver screen?

Source: IGN

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