DRAGONBALL Z Voice Actors Appeared At NYCC

Dragon Ball Z has been getting a lot of attention lately with all the new merchandise that’s been recently released, including new Funko Pop Vinyl figures, a new scouter that comes in various colors and new SH Figuarts figures. But most importantly, Dragon Ball Z Battle of the Gods came out over the summer, and it’s the first Dragon Ball Z movie in seventeen years AND the first Dragon Ball Z movie to appear in theaters. To promote this movie, it was announced about a week before the convention that the voice actors of main characters Goku and Vegeta (Sean Schemmel and Christopher Sabat) would be appearing at NYCC to sign copies of the newly released movie.

Naturally, me and my BFF had to meet them. We arrived at the Funimation booth where they would be signing at around noon on Friday and they were already sold out of the Blu-Ray. We bought the DVD and we were told that people that bought the movie would have priority for the signing at 3:30 (we also got a cool Funimation lanyard!). We returned to the booth at 3:00, and it appeared to be anarchy. The line was really disorganized and we didn’t really know who to talk to. We finally saw a Funimation worker and they told us the big crowd was the line and that everybody had priority. We were still really excited so we got at the end(?) of this huge crowd and waited. They had the line blocking an exit which was awful, because NYCC is an extremely busy place and people kept pushing through. But once they arrived the line went fast, and the closer we got to the booth the more organized the line got, and they did make a separate line for priority and people that didn’t have the movie.

All the Funimation workers were pleasant and trying to make sure everyone had a chance to meet them. At the end of the line we were told no photos, but when we got up to the booth the worker told us that was fine. Sean Schemmel and Christopher Sabat both signed our DVD over their characters on the cover, and they were really nice and smiling and they seemed excited to meet everybody. They are honestly really nice guys. A worker gave us a poster and we went on our way. Dragon Ball Z Battle of the Gods was a spectacular movie, and meeting them and getting autographs made it even better.



Dragon ball Z Battle of the Gods came out on Blu Ray and DVD September 13th, 2014 and I highly recommend it if you’re a DBZ fan.

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