Extraterrestrial is about a group of friends who decide to take a trip and stay in a cabin in the woods… only to find that they aren’t alone and have maybe stumbled upon something bigger than they know.


Hoping to spend a romantic weekend in the woods at her parents’ cabin, April (Brittany Allen) is dismayed when her boyfriend Kyle (Freddie Stroma) invites his friends to party in the woods. As the group settles into the secluded location, they discover that a UFO has crashed nearby and that they are being observed by one of the craft’s survivors. They end up attacking and killing the alien, which prompts a series of attacks by its crew mates.


When I first saw the trailer for Extraterrestrial, I got excited. Mainly because it looked like a typical “alien” genre film, but it also explored deeper into the aliens instead of leaving a lot of room for your brain to wonder. Turns out I was right and wrong. I was right that this film does take a different look at aliens, but wrong to have gotten excited. Extraterrestrial tries to be two things in my opinion: a horror movie and a sci-fi movie. While I’m not saying those two can’t work together seamlessly, I just didn’t feel it working here. It had it’s moments where I got really invested and my nerves tensed, but that’s it. Only moments. We were shown the “aliens” pretty early into the film, and by doing that it made them less scary. In my opinion, it took away from the creepy vibe that the trailer had given off.

The acting was subpar in this movie. I couldn’t invest in any of the characters because while they tried to give them a backstory and character, it didn’t come across. Add that to a bunch of funny one liners and you’ve got Extraterrestrial. With that being said, this movie was actually very well directed. Especially the very end scene and some of the interior shots of the UFOs. It might not have been enough to save the movie, but I can always appreciate excellent direction when I see it.


While I did find Extraterrestrial a bit slow, it does have its moments and it could definitely make for a fun Halloween movie especially if you’re looking for some aliens that would freak anyone out. The ending was a bit too predictable, but that shouldn’t stop you from watching it. I’d say take it for what it is and run with it. Extraterrestrial puts a classic/semi-new spin on the alien genre and I think that’s what’ll make it stick out from recent films in the genre.

471e5a8d8c53ad4deb7cc071e5f4845aExtraterrestrial is currently on VOD and will hit select theaters November 21st.

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