GOTHAM Season 1 Episode 3 “The Balloonman” Recap

With the third episode of Fox’s Gotham, we are starting to get a true feeling for just how bad the city has become. Not only do the characters constantly discuss it, but now Gotham allows us to bear witness to it, watching example after example of corruption from the Mayor’s office down through the ranks of the street patrolmen in the police department. The sense of dread that Jim Gordon is feeling for the city’s fate is now palpable, and instead of just reading about it in a comic book, we as fans are finally able to watch the failing inner workings of arguably DC’s most notorious city as they redefine a once iconic metropolis.

With Oswald Cobblepot making his return to Gotham City in only this third episode, Detective Jim Gordon now has a lot to answer for. The Mob and Carmine Falcone believe Gordon murdered Oswald on their order, and now they will learn that he defied them. And he will also have to answer to his partner who believes he is “with the program” following that imitated homicide in the pilot episode. As this proverbial chicken comes home to roost, the rest of Gotham’s narrative continues moving along rather quickly, making us wonder how they intend to keep up this pace!

GOTHAM Season 1 Episode 3

Following more secret talks between Falcone and the great Jada Pinkett-Smith as the sultry and slimy Fish Mooney, Selina Kyle is then brought into the GCPD and released to Gordon, and she subsequently tells him that she knows who the Wayne’s true murderer is, and that she has even seen his face as she witnessed the entire crime. When Gordon realizes she is not lying, it is of course too late: she has escaped as only she can do, swiftly and efficiently time and again.

And Bruce Wayne continues to take a keen interest in the city’s well being from deep inside the halls of Wayne Manor. With someone calling himself The Balloonman on the loose in Gotham, killing guilty criminals because the law refuses to act swiftly and justly, Bruce and Alfred and even Jim Gordon discuss the idea of vigilantism that seems to have erupted in the city. While all agree that is something the city must not be forced to endure, the look on Bruce’s face reminds us all that soon he will make a decision that will change the course of Gotham forever, if only to put an end to those who seek to break the law.

Your Gotham Easter Eggs: The Penguin ordering a tuna sandwich after gleefully stealing a $100 bill, eating fish ala Batman Returns – Gordon discussing vigilantes and their misplaced intentions – and again, multiple references to the reopening of Arkham.

Fans, are you still on board this Gotham train?

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