Jeremy Renner Talks with Larry King About Not Dying in AGE OF ULTRON

It’s easy to pick on Joss Whedon’s works sometimes, especially where the deaths of beloved characters are concerned. You know who’s not going to die any time soon? Jeremy Renner’s Hawkeye. He talks on Larry King Now about his role in the super successful Marvel Cinematic Universe, namely in Avengers: Age of Ultron where we’ll see Hawkeye go toe to toe with baddies once more.

“I think they’re going to keep me around for awhile,” says Renner with confidence after King asks whether or not he dies in Age of Ultron. Like he’d tell us anyway, but it’s nice to hear the self-assuredness behind that statement. Although a very loose interpretation, I guess we can mostly definitely see Hawkeye make an appearance on Captain America 3. Probably… We like to think he will.

He also says that one of the biggest benefits of being apart of The Avengers is having five-year-olds recognize him and run up to him for autographs. “That is the coolest thing ever. The innocence of a child running up to you with like a little bow and arrow and wanting you to sign it or with a captain’s shield, it’s a lovely thing.”

You hear that, Whedon? If you kill Hawkeye, you’ll be breaking the hearts of millions of toddlers everywhere.

You can watch the entire interview where Jeremy Renner talks more about his journey as Hawkeye and more on Larry King Now.

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