PIONEER Is a Must-See This December

Brought to you by Magnolia Pictures and Director Erik Skjoldbjærg (best known for Insomnia and Prozac Nation), Pioneer delivers an incredible thriller about a pair of Norwegian brothers who are hired on to assist the US in a deep see pipeline.  This movie movie starts off a little confusing at first. Once it takes hold ( ~8 minutes in ) it is pretty non stop through to the end.PIONEER 1

Petter played by Veteran Norwegian actor Askel Hennie is driven to find out what really happened to his brother after an accident occurs on the job.  In the course of his investigation he uncovers the events and truths leading up to the accident, the truths are not nearly as helpful as he had hoped they would be.  From the event through to the end Petter finds trouble every step of the way, the Americans want the pipeline contract for their very own and are willing to eliminate any one who is in the path of them accomplishing that task.  Unbeknownst to Petter the Norwegians have designs of their own to eliminate the US intervention in the dive mission and keep the rights to the well on their own terms.

The movie was / is a wild look into the the real world behind the competition for Oil and Natural Gasses that the countries of the world feed upon.  I feel walking awaPIONEER 2y from the movie that the Director was aiming at driving that point back home with his re-telling of a story based on real events from the families affected by the dive as well as the inclination of sudden wealth and its drive on the psyche of the population.

 In an interview with the director he stated:

PIONEER is a portrait of a Norwegian deep-sea diver in the early 1980’s, set within the thriller genre. I’m drawn to stories told through the protagonist’s point of view. In “Pioneer” I looked to create a character that is searching for a truth, which threatens his ability to comprehend reality. Thus the distinction between paranoia and conspiracy is at times blurred. True to the genre, the film has a protagonist and a number of potential antagonists.

In terms of genre, we aimed to reinterpret the American 70’s thriller.

He did just that.

PIONEER 3A well put together cast in conjunction with a fantastic performance by all of the performers makes this film a visually and captivating show of Erik Skjoldbjærg’s talent and evolution as a director.

As a writer side note, if you have claustrophobia you would do well to keep in mind this movie is mostly set beneath the ocean and in diving bells.

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