Sailor Moon Crystal Act 6: TUXEDO MASK Recap

The number one thing I loved about this episode was how closely it stuck to the manga. Tuxedo Mask is much more mysterious and interesting in Sailor Moon Crystal, and it’s the exact Tuxedo Mask you picture when reading the manga. Yay! Let’s get started!

The episode begins with a flashback, or at least it feels like a flashback. It’s a grey scene with a mysterious princess and people almost moving like zombies towards her. She screams out “THE LEGENDARY SILVER CRYSTAL!” and Mamoru wakes up. He was having a dream, the same recurring dream he’s been having. What does it mean?!?!??!!!

Usagi is headed to school, and she’s actually not late today. She runs into Ami and Makato. They talk for a minute until clumsy Usagi bumps into someone. Ami asks if she’s okay and the person she bumped into offers to help her up, but once she realizes it’s Mamoru, Usagi declines and gets up herself. Usagi acts like he’s a big jerk, but blushes when he’s around. Cuuuuuuute. Ami recognizes Mamoru’s uniform as one from a very elite school.

A news report is playing on a nearby TV about mysterious Tuxedo Mask searching for the Legendary Silver Crystal. Usagi, Makato and Ami are looking seriously concerned, particularly Usagi. She does not what Tuxedo Mask to be their enemy. When they arrive at school, everyone is talking about the Legendary Silver Crystal.

In the Dark Kingdom, Queen Beryl, Jadeite, Nephrite, Zoisite and Kunzite somehow got word of the news (do they have cable there?). Queen Beryl is pissed about it. Nephrite begs for another chance, and Queen Beryl tells him he underestimated the Sailor Guardians. Nephrite swears to never forgive Sailor Jupiter.

Luna and the Sailor Guardians are discussing the situation in the arcade. Luna tells them the Silver Crystal, depending on how you use it, could destroy a whole planet. She tells the Sailor Guardians they will definitely be able to find the princess and the Crystal because it is their destiny. They realize Luna was sent from the moon to awaken them and Luna tells them they will understand more when they are fully awakened as Sailor Guardians.

At a press conference about the Legendary Silver Crystal, an expert on the Crystal speaks. I wondered how there is an expert about the Crystal on Earth that they just knew to call, but it quickly becomes apparent that this press conference is a Dark Kingdom scam. The reporter hypnotizes everyone watching into searching for the Silver Crystal. When Usagi arrives home, her mother is frantically searching for the Crystal. Luna calls the girls and they plan to meet up at the arcade. Luna leads them down to a secret base she has under the arcade. She pinpoints where the energy is coming from, and I seriously wonder why they haven’t used this base before. Usagi starts screaming about how Tuxedo Mask isn’t the enemy because he always comes to save her, and Makato asks Usagi if she’s falling for him. Luna tells Usagi to calm down because it could be a trick. Usagi runs out, calling Luna an idiot.


The reporter seen before decides all humans are useless and cannot find the Crystal. She decides to steal their energy instead. Rei, Makato, Ami and Luna arrive at the scene to stop her. They ask who she is, and she does a flip and morphs back into Zoisite. The girls transform. They are pretty chill about who they transform in front of these days.

Usagi runs into Tuxedo Mask and he apologizes to her for causing this mess.

The girls face off against Zoisite while Usagi’s off talking to Tuxedo Mask. They seem to be kicking ass until Zoisite gets mad and tells them not to underestimate his power. He attacks, and Queen Beryl shows up. The girls know that alone, they are no match for Queen Beryl and they wonder where their leader, Sailor Moon is.
Usagi knows they need her help but worries about transforming in front of Tuxedo Mask. I don’t know why, because it’s pretty clear he knows who she is and has for a few episodes. He tells her to transform, and she seems really shocked that he knows who she is. She says that she’s not as powerful as the other girls because she doesn’t have skills to summon mist, fire or lightning. Tuxedo Mask hugs her and tells her she has the power to make everyone smile and that she is the best person to be a leader. She feels stronger with his touch. Luna calls to her, and Usagi transforms.


Queen Beryl tells Usagi she will kneel before her power. After a powerful speech, Usagi asks her Moon Stick for power and attacks. The evil energy vanishes and Queen Beryl heads back into a dark hole in the clouds carrying Zoisite. Queen Beryl is ANGRY about losing. Usagi passes out because of the overwhelming amount of power she just used, and Tuxedo Mask carries her back. She wakes up, wondering where she is. She finds Tuxedo Mask’s pocket watch in the bed she’s in, and realizes it must be Tuxedo Mask’s house. Mamoru walks out. WHAT? WOOOOOWWWWWW Mamoru is Tuxedo Mask??!! Never expected that. 😉

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