Adam West Faces Off Crime Fighting Pop Star SEXINA

Adam West is returning to our TV’s in his latest film, titled, Sexina. It’s about a crime battling pop star. Yep. But while none of that may seem promising, based on the trailer, it looks like a lot of campy fun, so it might be worth a watch. Also, Adam West. You can never go wrong with Adam West.


Sexina is the world’s hottest teen pop star, but she’s also a secret crime-fighting detective battling evils in the music industry. When the leading scientific mind in humanoid robotics (and a former child pop star) is kidnapped, Sexina is hired to get him back. When she learns he has been forced to create cyborg bands for “The Boss” of Glitz Records (Adam West, “Batman”), the fists and power ballads fly! The reigning queen of pop must contend with assassins, ninjas, dangerous thugs, mysterious informants, a wild grizzly bear, and of course, take some time out for a little clothes shopping.

a woman in shortsSexina will be released on VOD and DVD October 21st.

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