SONS OF ANARCHY “Some Strange Eruption” Episode Recap

Some Strange Eruption starts with a solemn song and panning shot to remind the viewers of the massacre that occurred at the end of the last episode. The whole episode is a slow burn, with a sprinkling of cathartic moments for some of the main characters and viewers. The main plot thread of this, the fifth episode of the final season of Sons of Anarchy, focuses on the fallout from the massacre at Diosa. After a talk with Jax Nero heads out to inform Barosky of the incident. Already aware of the situation Barosky proceeds to remove himself from the dealings between the MC and Chinese as much as possible, allowing Nero to be interrogated by Lin and the Chinese in the front of his store. It is abundantly clear that Barosky will not dirty his hands more than necessary. During the interrogation the Chinese use Nero’s son as leverage, forcing him to promise to provide information on Jax and the Club so that Lin can exact his full revenge and retrieve his Heroin.

The club, after a headcount, determines that the guns are gone, and therefore know that they have been betrayed. Only the Club and Barosky’s men knew the location of the guns so the MC heads to the docks to talk with the ex-policeman after Jax has a brief talk with Abel about protecting his family. Nero is less than pleased with Jax and confronts him about his lying. Jax informs Nero that he “knows” the Chinese killed Tara, and he will stop at nothing to watch them all burn. The then club checks in on Barosky’s man that was supposed to be watching the guns the night before. After a little pressure he admits that he avoided the patrol around the warehouse housing Lin’s stolen guns for a pay off. Barosky shoots the man in the head, clearly upset that a man he vouched for got one of the MC’s men killed. This is in fact one of the more amusing scenes in the episode as Tig finds a flute that he wants to stick in to the cop they are interrogating. Tig fans everywhere will know what hole he wanted to stick it in to. This scene is also important as now everyone tethered to Jax, the MC, Nero and Barosky, have begun losing people, a few at least. The war, though not full fledged has clearly arrived.


Nero and Jax work together on a plan to take down the Chinese. Jax contacts Lin with a time and place to pick up their stolen drugs from the MC. Nero informs Lin of the MC’s plot to ambush the Chinese at the meeting spot. The plan goes off without a hitch, as Nero’s warning sends the majority of the Chinese gang to the meet with Jax, ready for an ambush. The ambush doesn’t happen, and after some smooth talking from Jax and Chibs under pressure the Chinese decide to take them hostage. Barosky’s Police intercept the Chinese and “arrest” them, tying them to a fence and allowing Jax to have a one on one fight with Lin in the street. Chibs gets tipped off by the Sheriff that the Chinese are being tailed and the MC scatters, narrowly escape the real Police and SWAT arriving on the scene. Feeling unsatisfied at the Chinese’s narrow escape in to custody the MC does a drive by of one of Lin’s stores. All the men in and around the store are swiftly killed. Providing some closure to the main plot line of this episode.

The major end of episode cliffhanger leaves viewers with Juice and Gemma. Earlier in the episode Gemma had to leave Juice, once again, about to leave the town to go check in at Diosas. While gone Juice, being Juice, freaks out and shoots the Asian landlord who enters his hotel room thinking that the room is vacated. Gemma, back with the club has to calm down a frightened Abel who took his father’s job of protection upon himself. He is found protecting his little brother with a hammer in a small room at the back of the Clubs hideout. This scene is thinly heartwarming while being mainly terrifying. Abel is truly coming in to being Jax’s son, taking on extra responsibility while having fits of rage. As Gemma told “Tara” last episode, Abel is already becoming his father. Gemma provides Jax with a convenient lie about her sick father to leave the clubs protection and heads back to the hotel with Wayne. Wayne is left to clean up Juice’s aftermath, including one dead landlord in the bathtub, while Gemma drives Juice presumably north. When Juice has passed out in the car she takes a detour, heading to a different state than initially planned. When Juice wakes up he quickly sees through Gemma’s lies about Nero wanting to protect Juice, as he knows Nero wants him dead. This leads to a struggle, a crashed car and Juice pointing a silenced gun at Gemma’s head as she begs for her life. Is this the end for Gemma? Killed in the middle of nowhere by Juice. Hopefully not as there are much worse things that can happen to the vile woman. She deserves to see Jax learn the truth. It is doubtful that Sutter will let her go out so easily, but if not, how will she get away from an unstable and betrayed Juice?

Sons of Anarchy airs Tuesdays at 10 PM E/P on FX.

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