ThinkGeek Invites The World To Stand With Us Against Bullying

ThinkGeek has always been an awesome company, but today, they have topped that by. Read below for more info.


ThinkGeek has partnered with PACER’s National Bulling Prevention Center, who has declared October “Bullying Prevention Month.” When you shop at during the month of October, you’ll have the chance to buy a keychain for $2.99 that will let the world know that you are standing up against bullying.

ThinkGeek will be donating 100% of the profits from the keychain to Pacer in an effort to help increase awareness about bullying and to aid in providing resources to those who need it.  The keychain will be on sale throughout the month of October, and stands as a rallying cry to band everyone together to take a united stand against bullying.  The Anti-Bullying Support Keychain has a link address to helpful anti-bullying resources as well.

You can grab your own keychain right here.

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Travis Grimm

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