Watch a Super Cut of STAR WARS: EPISODES 1-3 Before It’s Taken Down

Ever since actor Topher Grace made his own super edit of Star Wars: Episodes 1-3, which combined all three movies into an 85-minute feature, a few other fans have decided to take on the daunting task of creating their own edits.

The Star Wars Track at Dragon Con 2014 also had their own fan edit, which was made exclusively for the con. That edit concentrated almost entirely on Anakin’s journey to becoming Darth Vader, and it clocked in at just under two hours. Both this version and Grace’s were shown in person and nowhere else; however, you can watch a another variant online right now.

Below is “Turn to the Darkside: Episode 3.1.” This one in about two and a half hours, way longer than Grace’s, but it still manages to take out the worst parts of all three movies for faster pacing and more coherent (and compact) storytelling, transitioning through the most major characters like in an episode of The Game of Thrones. The editing is better than one would expect given that there’s only so much material one can work with.

Watch “Turn to the Darkside: Episode 3.1” while you still can. These type of cuts, even if they’re fan edits, have a very short life-span on the internet.

[via Polygon]

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