Willow Shields Invites You To Celebrate Teen Read Week

Willow Shields (The Hunger Games franchise) has made a PSA that invites teens to become regular readers and supporters of their local libraries. I absolutely love that Teen Read Week is a thing! With today’s technology and distractions (I’m not an old man, I swear.), I feel like reading sometimes put in the back burner, so I’m glad they’re putting an effort to rectify that.


TEEN READ WEEK is a national literacy initiative created by the Young Adult Library Services Association [YALSA] and runs from October 12-18th.

Willow’s PSA will be shared with 5,100 library members across the country to use as a tool to help get the word out about Teen Read Week on a national and local level. YALSA will place the PSA online and encourage the library community to share. In addition to the PSA, Willow also recorded an on-camera introduction to outline the ‘Top Ten’ list of winning books being voted on during Teen Read Week. That video will be placed on their website and social media pages at the end of the next week.

TRW14_1000x200For more information on Teen Read Week click here.


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