Z NATION: Rebirth of the Fast Zombies!

After seeing the first episode and enjoying the fast paced action, I can realistically see this as a competitor for The Walking Dead’s fan-base.  I felt a bit nostalgic watching as I tried to remember if ‘The Walking Dead’ started out its first season as quirky as this show, looking back the feeling is yes it did indeed.

The show itself has a sense of humor about it while still playing up the drama of a nation overrun by the walking corpses, unlike other shows in this genre the creatures move a more natural pace than just shambling gun range targets.  That said it does allow for some ‘jump out of your seat’ moments when the characters take about looking for provisions in random desolate location number 3 and some half decayed creature comes flying out of the pantry looking to bite you.

Yes, I would point out that another show has already done the “last hope of saving us all” cliche, but this one is it a bit more lighthearted about the whole ordeal. On the surface it seems like run of the mill Walking dead knock off, but in a lot of ways it has already set itself apart from the other shows of the same ilk.

With all of the characters it is a bit of fun, the interactions are humorous and a bit contemptuous at times – but, it does make for some merriment. Thus far the only real constant is Citizen Z played by veteran movie and TV actor DJ Qualls, whom you might recently recall as the guy who played Garth on Supernatural.

Newcomer Nat Zang who plays the character of 10k in the series seems to be the primary focus with his gusto for zombie kills and constant reminder of the number he is up to at that point, he joins the crew at the outset of their mission to deliver a wayward individual who apparently holds the key to reversing the apocalypse.  Naturally their journey is wrought with peril at every turn but, I am intrigued to see if they make it to their final destination in the end and what becomes of the motley crew of soldier, vagabond, random girl, and 10k in the series to come.

Catch up to Z Nation right now!

There is also a Zombie Kill best of tally on their website just to make for some interesting giggles.



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