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The Borderlands franchise are some of my favorite video games. The characters, the story, the humor, it’s all fantastic and done in a way like no other. We waited for what seemed like forever for Borderlands 2 and now, this past year, the time has come for the third (and possibly final?!) Borderlands games: Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel! Yessir, it takes place between Borderlands 1 & 2 and offers gameplay like no other. I, sadly, haven’t been able to enjoy it because of it not being released on next-gen consoles. But I have been able to give the soundtrack a thorough listen, and guys, it’s freaking amazing.



I’m a sucker for electronic music (Did I say that right? Man, I sound old.) and Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel delivers just that. It not only sounds like current soundtrack, but it also blends different styles from older video games from the 80s. It’s absolutely mind blowing how well this soundtrack plays on its own. Without having seen to much gameplay, I can already imagine what song fits what type of scene. The tracks on disc 1 (1-16) are by Jesper Kyd, while disc two (17-31) is by Des Shore and Justin Mullins. These people understand Borderlands and how it’s sound is just as important as the gameplay itself like no other. I still find myself playing this soundtrack on repeat because it’s just that good. It also serves as great workout mix.

 Track Listing:

01. Space Station
02. Into the Void
03. Habitat
04. Persistent Impulse
05. Beyond the Biodome
06. Lunar Surface
07. Celestial Spaceport
08. Helio
09. System Interference
10. Arrival
11. Orbiter
12. Full State Feedback
13. Mooncore
14. Eridian Traps
15. Beyond the Biodome (Pleasure Dome Mix)
16. Lunar Surface (Extended Mix)
17. Crisis Star Ambient
18. Crisis Star Combat
19. Outlands
20. Pity’s Fall
21. Fenrir Industrial Facility Ambient
22. Fenrir Industrial Facility Combat
23. Fenrir Robotic Facility
24. Abandoned Training Facility
25. Research and Development Ambient
26. Research and Development Combat
27. Hyperion Hub of Heroism
28. Jack’s Office
29. Veins of Helios
30. Vorago Solitude Ambient
31. Vorago Solitude Combat

Borderlands Pre-Sequel CoverBorderland: The Pre-Sequel soundtrack is out now!

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