We reviewed Batman: A Visual History and now we’re reviewing DC Comics: A Visual History which spends even farther than Batman himself. Let’s take a look.


Updated and expanded edition, with 16 new pages to cover 2010-2014! Featuring a new slipcase design along with two NEW prints packed inside. Trace DC’s fascinating story: the company’s beginnings as National Allied Publications in the 1934, and its subsequent change to Detective Comics, Inc. in 1937. The book details all the major DC publishing landmarks and more, displayed clearly, month by month. Highlighting the debuts of iconic super heroes like Superman and Batman, the geniuses that invented them, and the real-life events, like the Vietnam War, the atom bomb, and the Space Race, that shaped the atmosphere of the times, DC Comics: A Visual Historyfollows the characters’ foray into the real world through TV series and blockbuster movies.


If you’re a fan of anything DC-related, then you’ll love DC Comics: A Visual History. It covers the history of all DC Comics superheroes. Whether that be Batman, Catwoman, or even Supergirl, this book has you covered. While it doesn’t cover every single DC Comics issue (That would be a huge book.), it does cover every single year. Crazy, I know. And with this newly updated version, it’s updated into early 2014. Not only does it showcase the comic book covers, but it does highlight some big parts in DC Comics comic book history and showcases them in two beautiful panels across the pages.

I think my favorite comic book character to follow throughout this huge coffee table book is Aquaman. He’s such an underrated character, and to follow his beginning is pretty cool. Also, Green Lantern. You learn quite a bit about Green Lantern’s past and present in this book which I highly appreciated. This book showcases all the heroes you’ve come to love, but it also features some past heroes/dogs that I’ve never heard of before. You may not have either, but that’s the point of it. It’ll teach you about all the stuff you didn’t know about DC Comics, all while refreshing your memory of your favorite heroes. This book is quite amazing and perfect for any DC Comics fan.

hspq_dc_comics_visual_historyDC Comics: A Visual History is available online and in bookstores now.

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