GOTHAM “Lovecraft” Mid-Season Finale Recap

Network television, in recent years, has become something of a double-edged sword: on the one side, we are getting more and more original programming than there has ever been in the history of episodic productions. But on the other side, and probably as a direct result of that initial flip-side, the networks have taken to splitting most of their their main shows into separate seasons within their primary season, in order to make room for other shows to air (see Agent Carter, for example).

And so that brings us to the “fall finale” time of year. Shows are wrapping up and going on extended hiatus until the new year, and Fox’s Gotham is no exception. This week’s episode tied all the main threads together, bringing closure to the show’s inaugural plotlines, save for the Wayne Family murders, and setting up for something brand new in 2015 upon it’s return.

With Harvey Dent insisting that Selina Kyle go into witness protection inside Wayne Manor, it was only a matter of time before someone came looking for her. Selina is, of course, witness to the Wayne murders (something created specifically for this series), and whomever is responsible for the Wayne executions wants Selina removed from the equation. So they send an assassin to Wayne Manor to end the “Cat,” and that assassin’s name is Copperhead.


Of course the plot to kill Selina goes sideways, and she goes on the run with young Bruce, leaving Alfred behind to battle the assassin and her henchmen. Alfred teams with Gordon and Bullock to track down not only the assassin but her employer as well, and by the episode’s end everything is reset: Bruce and Selina share their first kiss, Alfred lets us all know he is not the Alfred we think we know as he dishes out pain to the attackers, Gordon tells the mayor to kiss his ass, The Penguin is asked to pull double-duty for Falcone, and Gordon is ultimately re-assigned to security duty at the infamous Arkham Asylum due to his love for his mayor.

Gotham was just starting to hit it’s stride, and now we have to wait until 2015 to see what happens next; but suffice it to say, with Gordon employed at Arkham, we are set to get more villains added to an already over-populated Gotham in the coming new year. The question is, is there actually room for more Batman baddies, or is our plate already full?

Your Weekly Gotham Easter Eggs: The assassin hired to kill Selina is Copperhead, from the Rogue’s Gallery of Batman villains – Poison Ivy reappears inside the local homeless youth hangout, and we learn she is also an orphan though she has a foster family – Bruce and Selina make strides in defining their tumultuous relationship from this, their second encounter, including their first kiss.

Fans, how was the first half of Gotham’s inaugural season for you?

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