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My Trouble with Left-Handed Gaming

For years I’ve had an issue while gaming, an issue I don’t know many to have–because, well, they’re not left-handed. There are games almost impossibly hard for me to play as a left-handed player, and it’s unfair. It’s an issue within the gaming community that is not discussed much, but it is an ever-growing issue–especially as a Nintendo fan–has to be the trouble with left-handed gaming. And don’t even get me started on Beatmania!

I’ve always had this issue. I’ve even had family buy me modded left-handed controllers. These don’t work well because my brain is already trained to play right-handed. But when it comes to the Nintendo Wii, there are some games I just do not have the ability to properly play. Take segments of Skyward Sword, mainly the flying scenes, being left-handed makes this a hard thing to accurately do. As a left-handed game player, for some reason, it just doesn’t work as well. It’s so bad, sometimes that I’ll try it right-handed and I’m good! But then I have to scramble the Wii remote and nunchuk back into their respective places. Don’t get me started on the right-hand change for Link! That honestly is annoying. So what if the majority of people are right-handed? Can’t we just have Link back? While I’ve heard my issues with Skyward Sword are issues everyone has had, it still feels different, almost as if it wasn’t made for a lefty to play.

Another big issue for left-handed gamers are arcades, specifically fighting games. I absolutely love fighting games, but I feel I’ll never be as good as my right-handed friends due to my right hand being a slow, worthless hunk of junk. I mean honestly, watching some friends play Marvel vs Capcom is insane. I feel like my right hand is just impossible to match that speed! At least I can do the movements for special moves fairly easily.

In all honesty, I’m really not that upset. This is mainly to soothe my left-handed gamer brethren. We just don’t get that much love in the gaming community, but this world just isn’t made for us, my left-handed friends.

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Johnny Ketchum

Johnny Ketchum

Writer and content creator from Denver Colorado, mostly knowledgable in the realm of retro video games he also creates music and music mixes.

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