“After years of providing top-quality entertainment on demand, Netflix is risking its reputation and its success by associating itself with my dismaying and upsetting books,” said author Lemony Snicket (Daniel Handler’s nom de plume) after hearing that A Series of Unfortunate Events is being optioned as a television series for the biggest online home video streaming service.

In case you’ve all forgotten what the series is about, A Series of Unfortunate Events, a 13-part children’s book series, follows the story of three recently orphaned children who have to live with their distant cousin/uncle named Count Olaf, who attempts to steal their inheritance. The children are removed from Olaf’s care, but the dastardly Olaf hunts the children down and causes the deaths of one caregiver after another. In 2004, the books were adapted into a single film starring Jim Carrey, Meryl Streep, and Emily Browning.


Netflix’s VP of Original Content Cindy Holland saw the potential in adapting A Series of Unfortunate Events as a children’s television series, calling the books “unique, darkly funny, and relatable.” Considering Netflix’s other successful adaptations so far (i.e. House of Cards, Orange is the New Black), there’s a chance the books may have found a nice little home.

Netflix noted that Snicket’s involvement with the show will be “limited” due to “emotional distress.” We’re not sure exactly what that means. It could be an in-character response for simply saying that Handler will hardly be involved in the show’s development, if at all.

This won’t be Netflix’s first attempt at creating an original series geared towards children. They’re currently offering a series based on Dreamworks’ Turbo. How to Train Your Dragon and Puss in Boots may be coming down the pipeline as well.

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