SONS OF ANARCHY “Faith and Despondency” Episode Recap

Faith and Despondancy is the episode many viewers have undoubtedly been waiting for. The death toll rises as major players’ allegiances are tested, manipulated and strengthened. This, the tenth episode of the season, opens with a succession of sex scenes focusing on the major Sons of Anarchy characters. Both the tone of the episode and the characters mindsets are set immediately, Gemma is clearly unable to enjoy herself and Nero is picking up on it. Ratboy is sleeping with one of the Diosa girls, having issues with his actual girlfriend. Tig and Venus are together and seemingly having the most fun. Chibs and Sheriff Jarry appear to be very passionate in their endeavors. A defeated looking Juice is being taken by Tully in jail. Wendy, the odd one out, is by her lonesome. Jax has apparently taken a liking to Winsome, though, he is brought to tears supposedly by the thought of Tara, ending their new “romance” early. Winsome seems to genuinely care about Jax by the end of the intro, telling him that she does believe there is a good man in him somewhere, uncannily similar to how Tara had been known to describe him.

Any fans of Tig will be more than pleased as he takes a position in the forefront of the cast, after floating around the support ranks for the last few episodes. Tig appears to be having a hard time dealing with his relationship with Venus. This is compounded when the Sons head to a meeting with the white supremacists to finalize some of their plan. One of the less biker-friendly supremacists makes a comment about Tig’s love of transvestites. Something in Tig snaps, and he is given the go ahead to react by both the Sons and the leader of the Supremacist gathering. The ensuing standoff ends with Tig having first shot his aggressor in the crotch followed by three more in his chest. Jax also gets a kill during the standoff, though his was less messy with a single shot to the head. During the minor shootout, one of the men informs the Sons that their leader is heading to the hospital to kill Sheriff Eglee to prevent her from identifying her assailants. Wayne ends up putting a stop to the attempted murder of his old police friend. Unfortunately he had to kill the Nazi, his first kill, tarnishing his perfect record from when he was a cop.


Moses Cartwright meets with Tyler, forcing him to help him learn where SAMCRO is keeping the Preacher’s wife and son. He wants them to back down from their case against August Marks before it escalates. Tyler says he can find a man T.O. Cross, leader of the Grim Bastards, who knows where the Sons are hiding the Preacher’s family. T.O. is picked up by Cartwright and his men, also capturing Ratboy in the process. Ratboy and T.O. are beaten and threatened with worse until T.O. gives Cartwright the location of a cabin supposedly housing his targets. Cartwright and his men head to the cabin, allowing Tyler enough time to free Ratboy and T.O. When Cartwright arrives at the cabin there doesn’t appear to be anyone there. T.O. sent them to the Nazi’s cabin, not the Sons. The Sons and Nazis ambush Cartwright’s men, making easy work of them leaving only Cartwright alive but wounded. Jax approaches him, and then pops one of his eyes out of his skull with a finger. Some of the other Sons then remove the fingers from Cartwright’s right hand, completing the same torture that he had performed on Bobby. The Sons seem to have won again in their gang war, for the time being.

Jax’s battle on his home front is less forgiving. Earlier in the episode, Abel is seen with a scratch on his face which he presumably got from Thomas. When he arrives at school one of the teachers asks if someone in his family had hurt him. He learns that if someone in his family had indeed hurt him they would get in trouble with the police. Later, using a fork from his lunch box, in one of the most sad and tragic events of the season, Abel cuts himself. Jax and Gemma are called in to the school by child protective services where they learn that Abel is blaming Gemma for his wounds. There of course is some verbal berating and fighting among the Tellers but Abel is allowed to stay with Jax. He is not however allowed to be alone with Gemma. At the end of the episode Abel talks to Jax, who explains to him that Wendy was his birth mother, that they were married before Abel can remember and that he still has a mother. The episode ends with possibly the biggest cliffhanger of the season as Abel, being tucked in by his father, asks if Gemma killed Tara so that he could be back with his first mother. Jax is left speechless when the episode ends. He seemed both confused and shocked at Abel’s statement, but also appeared to have a glimmer of understanding in his eyes. He almost looked like something clicked when Abel asked his question. We will have to wait until next week to find out if he believes what Abel said outright, or if now he simply has a seed of doubt planted in his mind.

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