THE BIG BANG THEORY “The Septum Deviation” Recap

There have been several times that The Big Bang Theory has found itself in the middle of a creative rut. The seasonal, network episodic television slate is at the very least 20 episodes long, but usually more like 23 or 24, so sometimes even great shows like The Big Bang Theory have an off-night. “The Septum Deviation” did little to progress any overall story arcs that are currently in play for the gang, but it did have its share of usual laughs and Sheldon Cooper scene stealing moments. With that said, however, this 8th season of the show has been some really stellar comedy and heartfelt television to watch, so an outing like this week’s somewhat miscue is forgivable.


This week Raj discovered his parents are separating after 40 years of marriage, but as usual Howard and Bernadette are there to pick him up when he is down. This was the right choice given that Raj’s relationship with Emily is still in the very early stages, and his relationship with Howard goes back for nearly a decade. Divorce is something we have all experienced in some way, shape, or form, and it’s nice to be reminded that even 30-somethings can deal with such a loss at a moment’s notice.

More importantly, with Leonard finally deciding to have his lifelong sinus issues taken care of, Sheldon finds himself at the mercy of his own paranoia and OCD compulsions: Leonard is going under the knife, and there’s just too much of that situation that Sheldon himself cannot control. Sheldon takes to math and probability calculations, ever-trying to convince Leonard that he needn’t have this procedure done. In the end, however, Leonard and the gang foil Sheldon by lying to him, and Leonard slips into surgery without Sheldon having a real clue. Sheldon then insists on going straight to the hospital to see Leonard, only to have an already bad situation (at least, for Sheldon) get worse when he arrives: a southern California earthquake tremor and power outage strikes. Sheldon then subsequently nearly knocks himself out cold trying to get into the operating room to see that Leonard is OK, and both men find themselves being cared for by their girls by the episode’s final scene.


The relationship that Sheldon and Leonard has really grown by leaps and bounds since The Big Bang Theory’s inaugural season. Back then, Sheldon was extremely self-centered and often made fun of just how pathetic Leonard could be, especially when it came to trying to find love. But 7 seasons later, Sheldon, with the help of both Penny and Amy Farrah Fowler, has learned to not only love his best friend unconditionally, but also he has also helped facilitate both his relationship with Penny. It’s probably one of the oddest yet most caring relationships currently on network TV, and the showrunners have really crafted something special with these two best friends.

Fellow Geeks, how did you feel about The Septum Deviation?

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