BATES MOTEL Season 3 Gets First Teaser

Tis true! The first teaser for Bates Motel season 3 has hit the world wide web and the internet is a buzz. Why? Check it out for yourself:

We see a lady undressing, but then Norman is there… using a peep hole? And we thought he couldn’t get any creepier. I guess Norman is taking his time he used to spend on his odd obsession with taxidermy and using it to look at all the guests at Bates Motel through peep holes now. I have no clue what’s Norman’s idea behind this, but this has made me that much more excited for season 3. Hopefully we’ll delve even deeper into Norman’s other side. Fingers crossed!

Are you excited for season 3 of Bates Motel?

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Travis Grimm

Travis Grimm

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