SONS OF ANARCHY “Red Rose” Episode Recap

Red Rose the second to last episode of Sons of Anarchy, provides viewers the scenes they have been waiting for since the middle of the series. The previous episode, Suits of Woe, left Jax with his eyes wide open. He is eerily calm in the morning, having hidden out in one of the Mayans’ garages. He almost seems happy. Throughout the entire episode his interactions are calm and collected giving the appearance of having given up and accepting his fate. He reinforces this appearance with his actions. Gemma’s attitude is a more sullen mirror of Jax’s, no longer unable to cope with her sins.

The MC meets with their allied gangs in an attempt to finalize all their deals. Jax again appears to have a collected head. Tyler and the 9ers worries of the return of the Chinese leads to the MC killing some Chinese that night. Other than that the meeting’s topics really serve no purpose to further the plot. After the meeting Jax asks Nero to take his kids and Wendy to Nero’s farm. Jax thanks Nero for taking care of his boys in another of their familial conversations. The scene ends with an impending sense of doom and finality.


The MC meets with Connor, who refuses to deal with the Mayans without a favor stalling Jax’s promises. Jax then meets with Wayne and explains everything. He asks for him to lift the APB and not to release the information to the cops as he wants to avoid more fallout on the streets. The other club Presidents arrive to meet with Jax. He calmly informs them about his mistake, guaranteeing a vote for Mayhem if the other Presidents remove a bilaw from their codes. Likely the no black members law, allowing the Reapers to patch in. Jax is clearly set on dying. Connors boss meets with the MC giving them the task of finding and killing Connor who betrayed him, promising at least one more death next episode.

Gemma heads to talk to her father. Another person she feels obligated to apologize to. Her unannounced appearance at the senior living home just happens to be how Jax learns that she is in Oregon. Her interaction with her father is a very well acted and heartfelt scene, mainly because of her fathers lack of understanding. It is nearly impossible to feel any sympathy towards Gemma. Nero begs Wayne to head to Oregon and arrest Gemma after learning of her location. He hopes Wayne will be able to stop Jax from killing by locking her up.


Juice is approached by the Chinese to kill Tully. The Chinese underestimated Juice’s readiness to die. Juice tells Tully of their plan which would hurt the relationship between the Sons and the Nazis. Tully kills Juice, ending his torment. Soon after Wayne finds Gemma at her families place in Oregon. He attempts to get Gemma to leave without calling the cops. Right before he makes the call Jax arrives. A standoff between the two men ends with Wayne with a bullet in his heart. Jax and Gemma have a small conversation ending with her death. Gemma, Juice and even Wayne all accept their parts, and deaths, in the story before their final acts. This almost makes their climactic deaths feel less important.

The episode as a whole was more of a slow burn than climatic. This could simply be because there is only one episode left. Having three main characters die so rapidly, although intense, was not as shocking or cathartic as one may expect. If Kurt Sutter was willing to kill off so many characters this episode the survival of the remaining cast through the next seems bleak at best. The acting by Katey SagalDayton Callie and Charlie Hunnam was superb this episode, fitting for the ending of so many characters. The only questions now are who is going to live through the end of the season and who is Jax going to focus on killing next?

The FINAL EPISODE of Sons of Anarchy airs next TUESDAY  at 10 PM E/P on FX. Anarchy Afterword airs immediately after.

What did you think of Kurt Sutter’s The Sheild co-worker Michael Chiklis and his cameo?


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