Sony Hack Reveals Possible Futures for Spider-Man and Men in Black

It’s been a topsy-turvy couple of weeks for Sony Entertainment.  A group calling themselves “Guardians of Peace” hacked and infiltrated Sony’s servers in an attempt to stop the release of the Seth RogenJames Franco comedy The Interview, which pokes fun at North Korea and it’s dictatorship.

The fallout from the hack included not only illegal distribution of films such as Annie and Still Alice (both of which have yet to be released in theaters), but also included bits of information on executive salaries, and the best part… e-mail chains from executives.

It really shows what goes on in Hollywood behind closed doors. Some were downright nasty, ranging from insulting A-listers such as Angelina Jolie, Adam Sandler, and Kevin Hart. There was even a chain that questioned what movies President Obama would be into. The biggest (and geekiest) email convos however, dealt with two of Sony’s biggest comic-book franchises:

Spider-Man Crossing Over to the Marvel Universe/Animated Spider-Man Comedy


When word of Sony shuffling Spider-Man movie dates first surfaced, we began to hear rumors in regards to Sony and Marvel doing some deal for bring Spidey back home to Marvel. During Marvel’s Phase 3 announcement, producer Kevin Feige even sorta-kinda hinted at the concept by saying the rumors were “either not true at all or still being worked out.” After this week, those rumors can be put to rest as one of the few Sony emails we’ve learned of this week, dealt with communication between Sony’s movie head Amy Pascal, CEO Kaz Hirai and Disney (which owns Marvel) CEO, Bob Iger.

The email documented a proposal where Sony would retain both creative control as well as marketing rights to Spidey as well as the right to produce a new trilogy of films, ultimately leading to the Web-Head slinging his way into Captain America: Civil War (Where Spider-Man played an important part in the comic book version). While the talks seems to have died out, Sony has a “Spidey Summit” planned next month, where they will no doubt discuss the future of Spider-Man and see if it is indeed profitable to work with Marvel (let’s be honest. It will be).

In addition to the Spidey Film Universe, it was also revealed that Sony proposed an animated comedy, written by The Lego Movie’s Chris Lord and Phil Miller. Considering how much success they had with Lego as well as the Jump Street films, it could be interesting to see a full-on Spider-Man comedy.


A Possible Jump Street-Men in Black Crossover


Speaking of Jump Street, the other interesting email convo came from Pascal and actor Jonah Hill. In the email Hill proposed a combining of Sony’s newest hit franchise in Jump Street and and blockbuster franchise Men in Black. It’s no secret that MIIIB was pretty lackluster (despite a refreshing concept in time-travel) and I’d personally doubt we see director Barry Sonnenfeld, and stars Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones return for a fourth outing.

That being said, it might be an even more refreshing concept to both franchises. Although, in terms of comedy the Jump Street films were a bit more raunchy, so unless Sony planned to turn up/down one of the two, it would remain to be seen as to whether they would plan on catering the film to families or towards comic/comedy fans.

Regardless, if Sony follows through with any/all of these ideas, it has plenty of us wondering what else they have in store? Also makes me wonder when someone will leak a message about Lady Ghostbusters.

What do you think about Sony’s Proposed Movie Leaks? Shout us about it in the comments below!



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