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Victory Fanfare: The Good, Bad, and Ugly of DEADPOOL

Hello all and welcome to another edition of Victory Fanfare! With everything I’ve been up to the last couple weeks I haven’t had much time for my usual things. What I did do was pick up a relatively quick game...Deadpool.

The Good:
Deadpool is sometimes pretty funny game. It has that sort of God of War feel, you know what I mean? The kind of game that makes you feel like nothing can stop you, just hack and slash through hoards of enemies and can’t be stopped! Sometimes this can be pretty fun, after a while it does get old. The character Deadpool is very similar to his comic book portrayal–very snarky, very much insane. Lots of fourth wall breaking but a very basic story.

The Bad:
The story is not that great. Deadpool is making a video game with High Moon Studios, but doesn’t like the script they sent him. So, he takes it upon himself to make some rewrites and goes on to his first mission. His first mission: Get to the studio head and convince him of his rewrites. Here I saw a lot of issues, the game uses Deadpool’s fourth-wall-breaking personality to explain game play mechanics. That would be fine if it wasn’t a constant thing, it’s literally never ending. The entire game felt like a tutorial, and that’s just not good.

It also has a lot of moments of demeaning women but shadowing it with lines like, “aren’t we just, like, the most bland stereotypical npc women ever?” Yes, bikini-clad women, you are, but announcing that doesn’t make it any better. That entire section is kind of ridiculous, you go around and hit on woman in a party made for you. It’s stupid and not very clever at all.


The Ugly:
Deadpool crashed on me five different times, just froze right up! This was very frustrating since each time it happened I was in a section right before the next checkpoint. So, I’d have to power down my PS3, then boot it all over again and try to beat that section all over again. Not like that’s hard, just frustrating. After that, I had a lot of moments of “teleporting” into an invisible wall I was unable to get out of. I could still attack enemies, and most of the time they could attack me too, which was what I would hope happened. Other times I would be stuck there, enemies attacking me a little but so little my health would regenerate before they could get me low enough to just die. This was the most frustrating because in those instances I would have to, once again, power everything down and start again.

Overall, I’d say Deadpool is…alright. It had its moments where I was having fun, but then it would just break and ruin that. I got the game basically for free. If I had paid for it at full price, I would have been upset. While I found myself ending up playing it for hours, for the most part it wasn’t fun. While there’s a few moments I got a kick out of, it would be ruined by the conversations Deadpool had with himself.

There’s a moment in the game where it becomes an 8-bit, top-view Zelda like game including the Zelda Ganon dungeon theme. That was kinda cool, but then you had to hear Deadpool be like, “ooh eight-bit culture blah, blah, blah” and it left me thinking how I’d rather play a better game.

If you’re frustrated with a game, for instance like Dark Souls, and want to have something where you don’t feel so…bleh, try this game out. Hell, if you find it for like ten bucks, I’d even say go ahead and buy it. However, I’d say it may keep you entertained for a day, so you would be better off just not buying it. Rent it if you’re curious, buy it if it’s dirt cheap. There are far better games in the same style, so look into it.

Victory Fanfare” is a monthly game review effort to go through Johnny Ketchum’s game collection and play them all. Once the game is complete Johnny takes all of his random thoughts and breaks it down to the good, bad, and ugly.

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