AGENT CARTER Premiere Review – “Now Is Not The End” and “Bridge and Tunnel”

Agent Carter is finally here! Commence freakout. Agent Carter is Marvel’s latest spinoff show, but for the time being, is only a 8-part series. I know, I know. We need more! Especially after this amazing first episode. Agent Carter is currently taking place during Agents of Shield’s break for the next 7 weeks, but I think Agents of Shield definitely has some competition now. For one thing, we find that Marvel has learned from past mistakes. While Agents of Shield was pretty good when it premiered, it did take its time to hook us into its plot, while Agent Carter wastes not time at all and flings us into Peggy’s world immediately. I just have a lot of feelings right now, okay? Warning: This may be part recap, part review, only because I have a million thoughts about this episode racing through my head right now. Also, spoilers!

010615_AgentCarter_Premiere2Agent Carter begins with Peggy and Steve’s final moments over the radio when Steve brought the aircraft containing the tesseract down into the ocean. This, of course, makes for a really emotional opening for us Marvel fans. I mean, they never got there dance… of course we’re emotional! We then find the timeline for Agent Carter (Hayley Atwell) to be not too long after said events. She’s working for the Strategic Scientific Reserv (SSR) and even has a roommate who thinks, as well as everyone else, she works for a phone company. We find her to be the strong and capable woman we’ve always known Peggy to be and in her current work environment (this show does take place in 1940’s New York), she proves to be the smartest of them all. While everyone she works with can be frustrating, Agent Sousa (Enver Gjokaj) takes to standing up for Peggy. She doesn’t like that though because she knows she can handle anything those adolescents throw her way. It’s not that she’s opposed to others standing up for her, but she knows she capable on her own. When asked by Agent Thompson (Chad Michael Murray) to file something because she’s better at that stuff, she replies, “At what? The alphabet?”. It’s these smart and witty comebacks that make Agent Carter so special. Peggy is portrayed a smart, strong, and intelligent woman. She’s presented the way Peggy Carter has always been presented and that, along with me, makes for a pretty damn great character and episode.

Peggy soon finds herself going undercover for Howard Stark, whose runaway because the United States believe he’s sold his weapons and dangerous technology. This is what will drive the shows plot. She also meets Jarvis (James “D’Arcy). D’Arcy plays the role brilliantly! He’s kind, charming, makes time for his wife, and most importantly, listens well. We see Peggy go to work. She spies, she makes use of the fact that everyone in her office is oblivious to her working for Howard, and she goes undercover and get’s stuff done. We witness her skills when threatened with intruders in her apartment, diffusing a bomb, even a milk truck full of them, and just everyday life. My favorite moment of these is when she’s fighting this guy and “The Captain Adventure Program”, a radio show based on Cap’s life, is playing along side her kicking ass. That scene by itself shows what Peggy Carter is all about. Also the way Peggy reacts to said show is priceless. Just priceless.

Let’s focus on the scenery for a moment. This show takes place in 1940’s NYC and does it feel like it! The setting is wonderful! Whether it be the outfits, the cars, the buildings, even the diner, it really shows all the hard work being put into this series. Yes, we also deal with the sexism of the ’40s, but that’s okay, because this is Peggy we’re talking about. She handles everything with wit and grace. Like you do.

920x920Throughout both episodes, we grow to love Peggy even more! Whether she’s kicking ass or threatening a sexist regular at her friends work (which brought the biggest grin to my face), she proving herself to be the badass we know she is. Agent Carter opened up with two amazing episodes and I couldn’t have been happier with them. I live tweeted the whole thing because it was too much for me to keep to myself. I really hope this show gets picked up for more episodes. I’m not talking about turning it into an on-going series, but maybe 13 tops? I’d love to see more! Also, after the show ends, I feel like a book series could be good! Like an Agent Carter EU? Sounds good to me! Tune in next week when I recap/review the third episode of Agent Carter.

How much did you love Agent Carter?!

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