AGENT CARTER Review – “The Blitzkrieg Button”

Agent Carter is back for another episode, so of course my excitement level is as high as ever. This episode is titled, “The Blitzkrieg Button” and guess what? We get to see Peggy kick even more butt! Since my reviews a bit late, I’ll try to keep it short and simple.

Howard Stark has made a return and is now safely staying, and sleeping around, at the Griffith Hotel aka Peggy’s apartment building aka Peggy’s apartment building that’s women only. We’ve had silly little questions and this episode seems to answer them. Like how does Peggy sneak out and about when one her building buddies got caught? Apparently a whole in the wall. Who would’ve thought that?

The after math of Krizmenski’s death is also apparent in this episode. We the whole office take on individual assignments that they must complete before leaving. And of course, the sexist environment it is, Peggy is sent to get everyone’s lunch. But of course, that’s not her only motive. She now has a bit more free time to help Howard and to dig deeper into his case, but as we soon go on, we learn that maybe Howard isn’t as truthful to Peggy as we thought. For one, that EMP that he has Peggy go steal back for him, is no EMP. It’s some form of liquid which we then find out to be Steve Rogers blood. Woah.

We’re also introduced a bit more to Mr. Mink throughout the episode whose creepiness definitely works on camera. He’s ruthless and wants Peggy and Howard dead. That and the big reveal towards the end are probably the two key elements that made this episode of Agent Carter so great… besides Peggy of course. After much speculation, most fans guessed it right! Dottie isn’t who she says she is. She has skill and can kick some butt. Other than that, we’re left in the dark which I think was an excellent choice. We thought something was up and now it’s confirmed, but we still want to know who/what she works for and what exactly is she doing in the Griffith Hotel. It keeps you enamored and engaged and wanting more.

“The Blitzkrieg Button” was definitely on the slower side, if you will, of Agent Carter so far, but there was so much character building/information, I didn’t mind one bit. This was definitely an episode that’ll lead to bigger and better episodes and I can’t wait to watch them!

How did you enjoy this weeks episode of Agent Carter?

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