AGENT CARTER Review – “Time and Tide”

It’s been a week since the last episode of Agent Carter which means only one thing: It’s time for more Agent Carter! Once again, this will serve as part recap, part review, but only because I have a lot of feelings. Also, warning: spoilers ahead! 

This weeks episode find us a new intro, which I found very clever, and also finds Peggy in some new trouble. “Time and Tide” kicks off with the boys of the S.S.R. investigating Green Suit’s room and we see that they’re slowly, but surely piecing together the pieces. But of course, Peggy is always one step ahead of them and already working on the next clue ,which, in this case, is derived from an idea she got from her landlady. She knows that someone, somehow, got into Howard Stark’s impenetrable vault and she is determined to figure it out. How the following scenes play out is my favorite because we get to see Jarvis in his element: either attending to his wife or attending to the now gone Howard Stark. Oh, and also attending to Peggy. I must say, the humor in this weeks episode is strong. It’s always subtle and never over done.

Remember how Jarvis had to get rid of Howard’s car? Looks like he didn’t do too good of a job and is now a suspect in the case because the boys from S.S.R. soon question him to the max. Thankfully, Peggy’s to the rescue! Peggy helping Jarvis get out of impending trouble with police, but while he may need the help, he does prove smooth and you can really tell how devoted he is to Howard/Peggy. Peggy uses her wit and skill and helps Jarvis, but it’s not without cost. She soon loses all her credibility she’d been gaining just to help him out. It’s a really well played out scene because while we know Peggy to be strong, she is only human. We get to see a side of her we haven’t touched base on too much.


But of course, this is Peggy Carter we’re talking about. Sooner than later, we find her leading herself and Jarvis down into the sewers where Howard’s Stark vault was stolen. In this, we find out Jarvis’ past and how he truly got his wife to safety  (We heard her voice for the first time as well!) and how Howard helped him. The character of Jarvis just gets better and better as the show goes on. Hearing more of his personal life just adds to the character and James D’Arcy pulls it off so very well.


Moving on more into the episode we find a really great fight scene between Peggy and some really “tough” guy when Peggy discovers Howard’s weapons.. I put the quotations on the word “tough” because he was no match for Peggy. The fight choreography and lines in that scene were some of my favorite. Peggy’s quick comebacks are my favorite. After finding the weapons, Peggy wants to show that she’s capable of this, that she has something to give, so she decides that she’ll tell the S.S.R. she’s found the weapons which leads Jarvis to talk her down from that ledge. She’d only become a suspect and nothing more. Soon Jarvis tips the S.S.R. with an American accent which was great. This soon leads to the assassination of Krzeminski. Yes, people. It happened. I honestly didn’t expect it, but I’m not surprised either. He wasn’t the most likeable character, but you still feel a sense of sadness at his loss especially when seeing how the other are handling it especially Peggy. After a while of thinking, Peggy soon finds solace in her friend/apartment buddy, Angie, whom she’s been pushing away. Lyndsy Fonseca and Hayley Atwell are such an amazing duo. I don’t think they could’ve cast a better Angie. No matter whether Angie is angry or Peggy is brushing her off, they work together brilliantly.

I absolutely loved “Time and Tide”! It mixed everything so well. Whether it be humor, action, sadness, it all showed just how real the people and this world are. I don’t know how I can handle waiting two weeks for the next episode.

How did you enjoy this weeks episode of Agent Carter?


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