ARCHER Season 6 Premiere Recap – “The Holdout”

Big changes come to Archer in the season six premiere. Or maybe just big resets? Most “major changes” to the show see loved characters returning to their “roots” and comfortable spy antics. The tone of “The Holdout” is set immediately with the triumphant and hilarious return of the elaborate voice mail prank. The recurring and building jokes are what keep many fans coming back, and the show writers know it!


At the end of season five Archer learned that he was the father of Lana’s daughter, Abijean. So it should come as no surprise that season six opens with Malory contacting Archer who ran away six weeks prior, shirking his responsibilities as a father. She needs him to complete the company’s first freelance mission for the CIA. Along with the new employers come some new digs for the team. As the group, sans-Archer, arrive at their new HQ it quickly becomes apparent that the team’s balance of power remains somewhat shifted after last season. Cheryl and Pam, along with a few others play a huge joke on Malory with no worry of retaliation! No respect! This new dynamic of Malory getting blatantly punked by her secretary is refreshing and hilarious.

When Krieger makes his appearance it remains unclear exactly which Krieger survived through season five. Is it just a brain damaged forgetful Team Archer Krieger or one of the clones? This plot thread is sure to bring both mystery and hilarity throughout the season. With a few new secret rooms, possibly a new Krieger and a new robot scanner/toaster named Milton (Office Space reference anyone?) there are plenty of new joke launching points present in this premiere. Milton seems primed to become the bane of Malory’s existence, something Archer and fans will surely love.


While the team is finding their new pecking order Archer makes “frienemies” with a long forgotten Japanese World War soldier Kento in the jungles of Borneo. Over night Kento uses Archer’s satellite phone to learn of Japan’s fate at the hands of the U.S. and their atomic bombs. After some soul searching and sage like advice about parenting the two men agree to complete Archer’s mission. Throughout the episode it is clear that the animation has improved, even the opening sequence looks great. It is the fight scenes in the jungle  that truly capitalize on the quick smooth style that is becoming a staple of Archer. Oh boy does it look pretty!

The season is off to a solid start with both new and old jokes and great animation. The creative team behind the show seem to have done it again. Fans of Archer: Vice will be pleased to see that many of the changes from last season remain and continue to be hilarious. Fans of the pre-Vice show will be pleased to see a return to their preferred formula and themes. All in all, Archer is back and better than ever!

What character from previous seasons do you want to see this year?

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