ARCHER “The Archer Sanction” Recap

In The Archer Sanction Archer, Lana and Ray head up the Swiss Alps to complete an “extrajudicial killing” of an assassin while on a climbing trip. Things are complicated when, in standard form, Archer has not read the dossier and does not know who the target is. Things get worse when Lana learns that Archer left the dossier back home in the restroom. This episode features the most screen time for Ray this season and his interactions with Archer are top notch, as usual. While the three agents are up the mountains the rest of the team take a day off lounging in the hidden Jacuzzi while Mallory is supposed to be home watching AJ.


Archer, Lana and Ray spend the night trying to determine which person in their climbing party is the target. The only bit of information that Archer can remember from the dossier is the target is from an “WWII Axis” country and they happen to be climbing with people from all the major Axis countries. Lana, worried about AJ, attempts to call Mallory to check in on her baby. Mallory turns around one of Archer’s famous jokes and creates one of the most elaborate voice-mail messages heard yet. Lana ends up getting Cheryl, Pam and the rest of the gang to head over to Mallory’s to find her and AJ.

While in Mallory’s home the gang starts to get very messed up. They naturally assume it was all the alcohol they had been drinking. That would be too simple though. They eventually learn that the apartment is being bug bombed and that they have been poisoned. For some reason Krieger does not seem to be effected by the gases… While one half of the team is being poisoned the other half is dealing with a murderous climber and the hazards of the Alps. Archer ends up dealing with the issue by creating an avalanche that he, Lana and Ray somehow survive while their target seems less fortunate.


Overall this episodes plot was similar to the previous ones, Archer and whoever else is required for his mission, heading out while the rest of the gang hangs at home and deals with some AJ related fiasco. The repetition was hidden among the multitude of jokes, recurring themes and spectacular animation in the scenes up the Alps. It is clear that the animation is going to remain top notch for the rest of the season so hopefully the narratives can bring a little more to the table in the following weeks.

What did you think of the five minute animated Conan special featuring the Archer?

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