ARCHER “Three to Tango” Recap

The second episode of Archer season 6, Three to Tango continues to highlight this season’s improved animation and always hilarious running jokes. An old enemy finally makes good on his season one promise to return. Archer and Lana are sent on a rescue mission by Slater and the CIA. Much to Archer’s chagrin he must save Conway Stern who double crossed Archer in their first meeting. However, Archer fans remember Stern didn’t make a clean getaway after the betrayal losing a hand in the process.


When Archer arrives at Conway Stern’s hideout a Revenge Rampage immediately ensues. This is where the aforementioned improved animation comes to the forefront. Both subtle and fast movements make the hilarious fight between Stern and Archer feel both intense and skillful. The show has come a long way in presenting martial arts in an impressive manner. After Archer and Stern reach an “understanding” with the help of Lana and a teapot some Star Wars and Terminator jokes follow. The crew then formulates a plan to break in and steal data from the Argentine government.

Meanwhile back at the HQ, Mallory loses baby AJ and proceeds to attack Cheryl, assuming that the baby hater has done something to the little girl. After Pam backs Cheryl, saying she did nothing they proceed to search for the little girl. Furniture is cut open, alcohol is drank and hateful words are screamed. Basically everything is par for the course when Mallory, Cheryl and Pam are involved. Eventually Mallory puts together that Krieger must have taken the baby. When the HQ group confronts the Nazi Scientist, AJ is indeed in his “care.” More Terminator jokes and scary robot teddy bears close out the side story in a both hilarious and unsettling fashion.


When Archer, Lana and Conway get into the Argentine government’s base of operations a major fight follows. Archer, through his own fault of course, is left to deal with a good amount of armed soldiers. By the end of the fight, Conway has insulted Lana, and Archer has “Archerized” the enemies. Yes, Archer is now a verb! The gang continues on to locate and retrieve the data they need. Immediately after Conway does what he does best, betray! Lana ends up getting the data back from Conway, taking his other hand in the process!

Of course Archer and Lana were played by the CIA, who knew much more than they initially admitted. At this point Lana’s family is mentioned for the first time. If Lana were to be KIA, baby AJ is to live with Lana’s parents. If that does not work, she will stay with Lana’s sister. This little bit of world expanding information is sure to become a plot line in the future. Lana’s pre-activist history has remained pretty much a mystery and an untapped direction for the show. This episode is another solid presentation with running jokes, movie references and some what scary foreshadowing. If the show continues to mix things up like they have in the first two episodes, this season has the potential to be one of the best yet!

How many Star Wars references and jokes did you catch this episode?

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