Paul Feig’s all female Ghostbusters has a cast, and we’ve got no problems with it.



Since mid 2014 the rumors of a all female Ghostbusters movie has kept us all wondering who would be cast in it, well Paul Feig went ahead and tweeted out a pic of what is looking like the new Ghostbusters.
SNL cast members Leslie Jones, and Kate McKinnon, SNL alum Kristen Wiig, and Melissa McCarthy seem to be the new Ghostbusters, and personally I couldn’t be happier.
If you haven’t been caught up on SNL lately, Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones are probably (it’s tough for me, I love Aidy Bryant a lot.) the funniest cast members at the moment, and they fully deserve this.
Kristen Wiig is the first person I believe everyone thought should and would be in Ghostbusters, I’d say the same goes for Melissa McCarthy as the other woman everyone was thinking would make this cast as well.
While those two were pretty likely Paul Feig’s choices as well it’s great to see him round out the cast with Leslie Jones and Kate McKinnon.
No other news has popped up from this so we’ll have to wait and see what more we’ll hear, but I can for sure say everyone is happy, and with this cast everyone will win.

What do you think of the Ghostbusters cast?

Source: THR

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