H. Jon Benjamin Live-Tweeted ARCHER, Blew Our Minds

FX’s Archer started Season 6 last night. Archer and gang ditched the literal tonne of cocaine, dropped their hapless drug cartel status (and likely Cherlene’s music career), forsook their ISIS name, but gained a baby. Basically everyone is back at square one, but now they’re a freelance company working for the CIA. But while all of that made for a hilarious season premiere, we couldn’t help but marvel at what was going on with H. Jon Benjamin’s (voice of Archer) Twitter feed.

In the time leading up to Archer’s Season 6 premiere, Benjamin started live-tweeting in celebration of the fact. Continue scrolling to watch his journey unfold with a certain special guest.

As you can see, H. Jon Benjamin is very excited for the premiere of Archer  as well as the arrival of his special live-tweeting guest.
“Very excited for the big #ArcherFX live tweet with my special guest! Could it perhaps be Lana?”
“Making it perfect! My guest deserves it!”
“Chocolate-dipped strawberries are a natural aphrodisiac.”
“Final touches. Everything is perfect, from tops to bottoms.”
Super. Duper. Excited…


What the what? It’s Christian Slater! Fun fact: Slater guest starred last season on Archer as an undercover CIA agent named… Wait for it… Slater. 
“HE’S HERE! He Looks Great!! Christian Fucking Slater!!!!!”


Christian Slater immediately regrets his agreeing to do this. You could say he’s entering the… Danger Zone?


“Chivalry is not dead!!! A gentlemen always helps a gentlemen with his coat!”


“Time to ‘Pump up the Volume’ with some champagne!”
“Christian’s on a diet for his next sexy role, but i tried!!!”
Ah, male bonding. 
“No pressure but we got some #ArcherFX to watch!”
Maybe a little too much bonding…
“Oops! My finger slipped on the remote.”
“Young guns 3?”
Just wait. It gets better.
“Commercial. Time for a wee wee break.”
Oh my. That is one sour face. 


Sweet Varsity Blues! 
“Any interest in ‘Gleaming my Cube’?”
Christian’s had just about enough. Time to go. 
“PLEASE DON’T GO!!!! I just wanted to live tweet!!!!”
Wipe those tears, H. Jon Benjamin. They always come back.
“I’M A FUCKING IDIOT!!!!! I ruin everything!!!! I’ll never find True Romance.”
Be sure to catch Archer every Thursday night at 10pm EST on FX.

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