LADY KILLER #1 is Fast and Fun – Comic Review

Josie Schuller, the perfect 60’s mother and home maker is also the perfect killer in this new series from Dark Horse. The premise of Lady Killer is what inspired me to pick this book up but the art is what sold me on the idea. Joelle Jones uses a very retro, 60’s, color palette fitting the time and setting of the book. There is something very appealing about such colors being used to tell a seemingly very violent story. The stylized, sleek line work with the splattered ink gives a great sense of movement on the first few pages which continued to draw me in.


As the pages turned I was actually surprised by how clever and calm the main character, clearly the assassin promised in the synopsis, went about her business. Having seen the cover, a very bloody kitchen being mopped up, I was expecting her to be overtly violent. That is not the case, at least not immediately, which drew me in further. The demeanor and sometimes comedic actions of the character, from the quiet knocks on her target’s door to the friendliness of her assumed identity proved to me that this book had more going on than the average hack and slash killer. Then the action arrived, the very pretty and dynamic action.

If it’s not clear by now the pacing of this first issue is excellent. The tone is set immediately as we learn about the main character while she pretends to be someone else (this is surely not easily written), and then everything hits the fan and we see just what this book is capable of. The story then cuts to Josie Schuller’s family life, including daughters, a husband and an wary and skeptical mother in-law. Her professional life comes knocking soon after and we meet her contact in the business, her seemingly misogynist boss Peck. The way she deals with this man lends to the theory that there is or was something more happening between the two. Peck is clearly an ass and part of me wants to see her end up showing him what’s what.


In conclusion Lady Killer is off to a fast action packed start with great pacing and a beautifully rendered world. The narrative was a little hollow as this issue focused mainly on character and setting introductions. If Jones and Jamie S. Rich can move on to more character development, without cutting action and situation based comedy then this book set to be a fan favorite.


Lady Killer #1
Published by Dark Horse Comics
Written by Joelle Jones & Jamie S. Rich
Art by Joelle Jones
Colors by Laura Allred
Letters by Crank!
Cover by Joelle Jones & Laura Allred

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Graydon Sinclair

Graydon Sinclair

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