LEGO BIONICLE returns for 2015

If you grew up in the 1990’s – 2000’s, you saw the rise and fall of Lego BIONICLE. Bionicle was revolutionary, it was a whole new series that wasn’t licensed to anyone but Lego and it saved the company. The small sets were different. They used Lego Technic pieces and ball-and-socket joints, which were never used by Lego before. Also fascinating is Bionicle’s back story, explained in comics and movies.

bionicle_nycc_1Despite being an incredible change for Lego, it lost popularity and Bionicle sets faded away by the late 2000’s. It was replaced by Hero Factory, which in my opinion is waaaay less cool. The sets were extremely similar but not as popular. Original Bionicle sets became rare and worth quite a bit. Hero Factory lacked the magic the Bionicle had for me, which is why I was CRAZY pumped when I saw a rather large Bionicle stand at NYCC 2014.

The new Bionicle sets didn’t start appearing on store shelves until this past week, just in time for the new year. They are similar to the older sets but they are not a continuation of where Bionicle left off, more like a reboot. We’ve been getting a lot of that lately. Anyway, it’s REALLY exciting to see Bionicle sets on shelves again. To be honest, as a preteen I was never into the Bionicle lore too much, I was more into building them and making them fight my cousins. I’ve been reading up on it lately with the reboot, and it’s insane the amount of detail Lego put into Bionicle’s story. There’s a new Bionicle movie coming out this year, and hopefully that will tell us if the story is the same as it was or if there’s been any changes.

I recently purchased the Protector of Water Bionicle. It was really reasonably 70780_Protector_of_Water_packpriced for a small set at $9.99 (around the price they used to be) and it was a fun, straight-forward build. It had the same ball-and-socket joints seen in the original sets. It only took a few minutes to build, but it was worth it. He is reeeeeally cool.

Sets out now include the Protectors of water, ice, fire, stone, earth and jungle, the Masters of water, ice, fire, stone, earth and jungle and the totally radical but slightly terrifying Lord of Skull Spiders. With thirteen sets out now, Bionicle is starting out strong. I hope to see some larger Bionicle sets in the future!


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