STAR WARS REBELS Recap – “Idiot’s Array”

Star Wars Rebels is officially back! *cue Chopper dance* After a week long break, our favorite rebels in the sky have returned to our television screens for what we hoped would be one of the most fun of the season. Why do I say that? Because Lando Calrissian is back and is voiced by non other than Billy Dee Williams himself! Alas, this episode did not let down one bit and was definitely one of the more fun episodes of the season. Let’s take a look.


The episode kicks off with Zeb battling Lando in a game of sabacc. Zeb feels like he has a winning hand, so he goes off and bets Chopper, but Zeb being Zeb, loses the game and loses Chopper. I, personally, have a soft spot for Chopper, so my likeness for Zeb lowered about 20% in this scene. But Lando, being the cool guy he is, makes a bet. If the crew of Ghost helps him get his goods, aka his puffer pig, past the Imperial blockade, then they can have Chopper back. The only problem I had with this is that Kenan makes this deal without consulting Hera. Luckily, he gets what’s coming and Hera sets him straight. Phew.

This mission proves easy at first, but Lando doesn’t tell everyone his plan leaving them in the dark. While this may seem horrible, it’s not. He trades Hera for his puffer pig in which Hera is now Azmorigan’s slave. Kenan is shocked by this, as is everyone else, but Hera knows it’s part of the plan and this it’s now her turn to finish it. Hera is awesome, people. If you’ve ever doubted it, then this episode will hopefully change your mind. We see Hera use only a pan, Tangled style, to escape her captor and to meet back up with the crew of Ghost. Talk about kick ass.

While this journey may seem close to it’s end, we then find Kenan having to takeover the ship due to Ezra and Zeba scaring the puffer pig. It is called a “puffer” pig for reason because it inflates to about 4 times it’s size. This leaves Kenan and Ezra to fend the front of the Ghost, while the rest of the crew is stuck in the back… all the while the Empire has found out that a Rebel Alliance ship is nearby. After narrowly escaping with everything, and everyone, in tact, this scene just goes to prove that Kenan needs Hera more than anything. He sees just how much she truly does for the ship. Hopefully this means he’ll never think less of her again and make deals without her knowledge… hopefully.


We soon find the crew of Ghost, Lando, and his puffer pig, back on Lothal. We’re ready to say goodbye to him when we discover that Azmorigan and his troops have been stationed there waiting for their arrival. This leads to an awesome battle scene between them all. I really enjoyed it because it didn’t seem as intense as some of the other battles in Rebels. It seemed a bit fun? I just found it really light hearted. Maybe it had to do with Lando being there. It may also have been the scenes with Chopper loading the Lando’s fuel onto the Ghost and Chopper taking the final shot which saves Zeb. But maybe it was just seeing Ezra’s lightsaber partly in action. Add all that up together in one scene and it’s something truly amazing. After winning the battle, thanks to Chopper, this is when we say goodbye to Lando and also when Chopper is finally returned to the crew of Ghost.

All in all, I really enjoyed this episode of Star Wars Rebels. “Idiot’s Array” was definitely a nice mix of everything and a whole lot of fun. I loved all the scenes with Chopper and I felt the audience was introduced to him in a much more fun and loving light. I also loved seeing Lando return to his. Yes, I do agree that he maybe have been a bit too cocky for his role in Rebels. I think they decided to turn it up a notch for Rebels? I don’t exactly know, but I would’ve been fine with a more tamer Lando. Either way, I honestly enjoyed seeing him unite with the crew of Ghost. Maybe we’ll see him again. Who knows?

What did you think of “Idiot’s Array”?


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