STAR WARS REBELS Recap – “Path of the Jedi”

After a mid season break, Star Wars Rebels is back! How this show keeps getting better each episode is mind blowing to me. I wasn’t prepared for what we’d see/learn in last nights new episode titled, “Path of the Jedi”. This episode is the biggest moment in Ezra’s Jedi training so far and is definitely the darkest.

The episode starts off with Ezra missing his Jedi training session with Kenan. Kenan is obviously upset, but Ezra is determined to become the Jedi Kenan see in him. Shortly after, with Kenan being worried that Ezra maybe tapped into the dark side a bit too much, they take off in the Phantom. Kenan tells Ezra that he’ll be the one to determine where they will go and to let the Force guide him. He starts to see a temple… a massive stone, a tunnel, and a bright star inside? Right after, Ezra knows he can guide them where to go, but Kenan had already beat him too it. It was just another Jedi test. We soon find ourselves reaching a Jedi Temple on Lothal!

latestThis is when it starts to get really interesting because we’ve known about the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, and yes, there has been some temples we’ve seen scattered throughout The Clone Wars series, but know we’re learning of even more scattered throughout the universe. Who knows where another temple could be hidden.

Kenan and Ezra soon discover that it takes two people using the Force to open its door. When inside, Kenan says that only Ezra can go forward, which in turn, put Kenan’s life in Ezra’s hands. Because without Ezra, Kenan can’t leave. And with the remaining corpses left behind from other Jedi masters, it’s apparent not everyone is as successful as you’d like to think. Soon after being inside and cutoff from Kenan, we know this isn’t going to be an easy ride. We see Kenan run by and tells Ezra to follow him. We obviously know this isn’t real and is just a visual manifestation of Ezra’s fears, but it soon leads up into one big battle between Kenan and the Inquisitor. (It’s like when Luke was in training! Gahhh!) I was on the edge of my seat this whole time, yet it was all an illusion. I couldn’t help want Kenan to win. The Inquisitor wins and is set off towards Ezra who then falls off a cliff. Instead of dying, he just ends up aboard the Ghost and hears his fellow friends talking bad about him. Soon the Inquisitor is aboard the Ghost and, behind closed doors, kills his friends. This scene was dark. Very dark. Especially for a kids show. Hearing the screams and cries for Ezra’s help really got to me, but it showed what Ezra really was afraid: losing his family. After being being flung through an open doorway into his next vision, Ezra finds himself in the halls of the Jedi Temple again. He feels like he can’t do, can’t go on, but soon realizes that he can. He’s been alone before, he can do it again. But of course, the Inquisitor makes an appearance, but this time Ezra is no longer afraid. He knows it’s not real, so when the Inquisitor goes to finish him, nothing happens. The lightsaber goes right through him as if it were a hologram. Then comes the best part about the episode…

Ezra hears Yoda’s voice! Remember when I wrote all about Frank Oz returning? Well, here’s that episode. He give guidance to Ezra and asks if he is ready for what’s to come. Lights appear and guide Ezra towards another part in the temple.

Yoda also visits Kenan. Kenan is surprised and vows to Yoda to now let his padawan lose his way like he once did. What does that mean? Hopefully it’ll be explored more in future episodes. Watch the whole conversation below.

After Yoda leads Ezra to a large hall with lots of inscriptions on the walls, Yoda asks Ezra if he’s ready to become a Jedi. Soon thereafter, the walls, floor, ceiling, everything disappears and Ezra is left in room of stars. It’s a beautiful feast for the eyes. Then out of the sky comes a kyber crystal and lands in Ezra’s hands. I know, I’m freaking out about the kyber crystal as well because we all know what that means.

Ezra soon finds himself back with Kenan towards the entrance of the Jedi Temple. Ezra, without knowing what a kyber crystal even looks like, shows Kenan. It’s a big step in a Jedi’s training, Kenan tells Ezra. We then find Ezra and Kenan back aboard the Ghost. Weeks have passed and Ezra has been slowly building his own unique lightsaber! Everyone has donated parts, even Chopper. The episode ends with it’s big reveal.

StapleEzra’s lightsaber is so different and unique. It also apparently works as a blaster. I can’t wait to see it in action!

“Path of the Jedi” was one of Rebels strongest episodes to date, and dare I say, my favorite? We learned so much more about Star Wars lore, Yoda returned, and we finally got to see Ezra get his lightsaber! Rebels hasn’t disappointed thus far and with this being the mid season, I can’t wait to see what the other half has in store for us. And if you’re not caught up, we have a master post recap of Spark of Rebellion and episodes 1-7.

How are you enjoying Star Wars Rebels?

[Image source for Ezra’s lightsaber: Star Wars 7 News]


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