THE BIG BANG THEORY Recap – “The Space Probe Disintegration”

The Big Bang Theory again continues it’s fantastic eighth season with another fun episode that is heavy on more character development. “The Space Probe Disintegration” finds Raj with extreme anxiety over an interstellar probe that is set to activate and call home from Pluto after 9 years in space. And while Howard and Bernadette to try bring Raj back from the precipice of certain anxiety-driven death, Leonard, Sheldon, and the girls go shopping. But it’s way more fun that it sounds.

This episode again sets up more time for us as fans to learn more about our main characters, and to watch them continue to grow as individuals. Penny realizes that she is constantly forcing Amy to do whatever Penny wants to do, so in turn Penny offers herself up to Amy, being game for anything; naturally, Amy chooses something as mundane as basket weaving. But Penny puts on a smile and has a good time, and in the process she realizes that while she may be the alpha-female, she could still treat her friends better than she does.


But the biggest growth we see again comes from the Sheldon Cooper character. It’s no coincidence that Jim Parsons continues to garner critical reviews for his portrayal of Dr. Cooper because his work this season has been taken to another level. This week Sheldon talks alot about compromise, which is hysterical because we don’t often think of Sheldon as one who gives in. But in his own way he does, time and again, and his relationships with his friends continue to grow because of it all. This season is all about Sheldon, and so far it couldn’t get much better.

Fans, how is this season of The Big Bang Theory for all of you?

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