Weekly Pull List 1/21/2015: ABE SAPIEN, STAR-LORD, POWERS

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Abe Sapien Volume 5: Sacred Places TPB

Mike Mignola (w)
Scott Allie (a)

Abe returns to where his latest evolution began as he is haunted by all the death that has surrounded him lately. As he travels to his destination he will cross paths with both friend and foe. Is Abe the cause for the evil inheriting the world? Is he meant to be the world’s savior? More answers, and probably more questions in this collection! I can’t stop reading this book. Abe has quickly become one of my favorite characters in all comic books. Check out Volume one in the series if you have any interest at all, you won’t be disappointed!

Collects Abe Sapien #12-14, 16,17

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Graydon Sinclair

Graydon Sinclair

A Canada born Seattle grown man guided by a love of art, comics, television and movies.

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