Gotta Love That NAILBITER Artist, Mike Henderson

Last year I heard about a little comic book series by the name of Nailbiter. Nailbiter was the first comic I anticipated for release in ages, it’s a special comic for me. I remember going to my local comic shop, Zanadu, in downtown Seattle and being disappointed that I had to wait for the second printing. It was sold out by the time I made it to the shop on release day. When I finally did get my hands on the first issue, it was my introduction to Mike Henderson’s artwork, and I was instantly in love with the world that Joshua Williamson built.

Expectations were all over the map for Nailbiter. I wasn’t familiar with Henderson’s art or Williamson’s writing; I was sold on concept alone. Great news, though, I was hooked long before I made it to the last page of issue one. It became the first ongoing series I would follow month to month since returning to comics. I was only reading trade paperbacks at the time so monthly titles had to be unique. Part of Nailbiter’s unique quality is Mike Henderson’s artwork.


With Nailbiter nine issues deep, I can’t imagine it without Henderson’s touch. I’ve grown so accustomed to the Henderson aesthetic it would be a crime to see another take the reins. He is such a consistent, solid artist with a signature style that completes Nailbiter’s presentation. On top of that, Mike is a really cool guy.

After a couple issues of Nailbiter, I came across Henderson’s profile on Twitter–fantastic describes it best. It has been great following his twitter antics. Besides his comedic charm, Henderson works on amazing daily sketches and shares them Twitter. He’s done many fan-favorite Marvel and DC characters, Lord of the Rings and a buttloads more. If you ever see one that you must have, they are listed on for purchase. I’ll leave you with some of my favorites:

Check out Mike’s twitter, pick up Nailbiter, and try to find a portrait of your favorite character on And if you like how Henderson and Williamson work together check out Masks & Mobsters.

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