AGENT CARTER Review – “A Sin to Err”

I must say that this weeks Agent Carter would have to be one of my favorite out of the whole season. Not only did we get a pretty amazing (and frustrating) cliffhanger, we got to see Dottie in action. Plus we saw a spy infiltrate the S.S.R. How great!

Please note: slight spoilers ahead!

Not only did we get an action packed episode, but we saw Peggy finally get the recognition she deserved in her work place. Her boss, Agent Dooley, acknowledges her and her worth. It’s a nice refresher to see Peggy get the glory she’s deserved since day one. And after all that, we see more Angie as she rehearses lines. Yes, she’s been through seven auditions, it’s nice to see Peggy give her that push to keep going, that she can do it. Man, Peggy’s the best. But, of course, as all this is happening, we see Agent Sousa digging deeper into Peggy being the “blonde at that party that night”. After visiting McFee in jail, his suspicions are soon confirmed! I mean, that and her bullet holes. That may be a bit obvious.

“A Sin to Err” was definitely one of the more important episodes of Agent Carter, to me at least. Seeing Dr. Ivchenko and Agent Dooley in that one scene was pretty intense. One second you think he’s the one who’s about to be sniped… then it turns out he’s helping Dottie. It’s crazy in the best way possible, but I love it. This then leads to us finally figuring out Dottie’s #1 mission: kill Peggy! With only two more episodes left, I don’t think I can wait to see the inevitable showdown between the two. This episode also featured some butt kicking from the incomparable Peggy (and Jarvis) and it was, again, another amazing fight. Not only that, but it led into Peggy finally learning that the S.S.R. is finally on to her and knows what she’s been doing. Or at least they think they know everything. I feel like Agent Sousa knew he should tell what he’s uncovered, but you can tell he doesn’t want to believe it. Here’s to hoping we’ll explore more of this in the next episode.


Since we only have two more episodes of Agent Carter left, we knew these final few episodes would be some of the best and, so far, they are. This episode ended with Peggy being drugged by Dottie and soon being in custody of the S.S.R. After this, I just can’t bear the wait of another week to find out how Peggy will figure out this situation. Dottie’s plan failed too, so I’m excited to see where she takes it next.

“A Sin to Err” turned out to be one of my favorite episodes of the season. Yes, I probably say that every episode, but I really loved the buildup in this episode and how each scene felt so different and refreshing. Especially Angie’s “acting” scene in her apartment. While being intense, Agent Carter still feels light and fun, making for another great episode!

What was your favorite moment from this weeks Agent Carter? Let’s talk about it in the comments!

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