AGENT CARTER Season Finale Review – “Valediction”

Tis the end of an amazing run… for now. Agent Carter has just premiered it season finale. Keyword: “Season”. Every outlet, including Marvel themselves have all talked about wrapping season one, season one coming to an end soon, etc,,, They never say series, so here’s to hoping that season two becomes a thing and that it becomes a thing soon. Anyways…

The Agent Carter season finale was a thing of beauty, sadness, happiness, all the feels. The episode titled, “Valediction”, picks up right where the last episode left off and answered the question on everyone’s mind: what exactly was that mist-type stuff in the theatre? We see the aftermath of it and even Sousa gets a little taste. We also learn that it’s called, “Midnight Oil.” Sounds appropriate.

To everyone’s surprise, maybe even Peggy’s, Howard makes his return. Finally! He always seems to play it so cool. How Howard stays that calm and collected is beyond me. Maybe he uses the Hulk’s secret: He’s always angry.

Peggy and the rest of the S.S.R. slowly close in on Dottie and Dr. Ivchenko, after learning that they’ll be releasing Midnight Oil into Times Square, but just when they think they’ve got them, they don’t. Dottie and Dr. Ivchenko kidnap Howard which then becomes the full driving force for the episode. Howard thinks Dottie is just back for another fling, but Dr. Ivchenko, using his strange hypnotic skills, makes Howard think he’s rescuing Cap from the middle of the ocean when he’s actually flying a plane into the heart of New York packed with that crazy mist. All the while this is going down, Peggy has the fight we’ve all been waiting for. Peggy fights Dottie.


I must say that the fight between Peggy and Dottie was probably my favorite fight of the season. The fight scenes in Agent Carter are always choreographed brilliantly, so all the punches, kicks, and hits seem so real. Also, the actors are brilliant, so they sell this amazingly well. This all leads up to the very emotional scene of Peggy having to snap Jarvis out of his state of being hypnotized. It reminded me, and probably every other Marvel fan, of the ending of Captain America: The First Avenger. It hurt my heart to think that Peggy might lose the only other man who truly understands her. This scene was powerful, and not only showed how much Peggy needs Howard, but also how much Jarvis needs Howard.

I must say, out of it all, I love the fact that Peggy and Angie now live in the same place… just rule free! Angie’s response/expression to when Peggy said the location is pretty far from broadway is my new favorite thing.


No one knows for sure if we’ll get another season of Agent Carter, but if we don’t, season one was perfect enough. Yeah, some of the storyline might not have gotten wrapped up all perfectly, but they did a pretty great job concluding the story. The finale was a fine line between “this is it” and “cliffhanger”, so here’s to hoping for another season with a whole new story.

What did you think of the Agent Carter season finale?

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